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Enemy/Boss Help status answers
How do I beat the butcher? - Witch Doctor Open 2
How do I spawn rare enemies? Answered 4
Pandemonium? Answered 1
Savage Beast? Answered 3
Skeleton King? Answered 4
Item Help status answers
Black Mushroom? Answered 2
Boss drops? Answered 6
Does anyone know how many different dyes there are? Answered 2
Does Diablo himself ever drop any Rares, Legendary, or Set Items? Open 3
Does Gold Increase? Answered 3
How can i transfer or give my equipment, weapon, or items to my other characters? Answered 1
How do I get the Staff? Answered 1
How do I use pages and books of blacksmithing? Answered 3
How does item stats work? Open 3
If i equip 2 one handed crossbow ,Will my damage increase? Open 2
Is there an item that allows you to carry more equiptment? Answered 2
Is there green set armor or unique gold armor in Diablo 3? Answered 3
Is weapons own critical hit damage calculated to the dps? Open 1
Item Sets? Answered 1
Jeweler? Answered 2
Jewellry? Answered 2
Merchants for Achievement: Shut up and take my money!(?) Answered 5
Two hand Crossbow higher attack damage amount than two hand bow?? Answered 4
Weapon DPS? Open 1
What do I do with my items? Open 4
What is the Black rock ledger? Answered 1
What is the Splintered Oar? Open 1
What is the use for the rainbow potion? Answered 2
Where can I find gibbering gemstone? Open 1
Where can I find pages for training in jewerlry and blacksmith? Answered 2
Where can I find Plans for Blacksmithing and Tomes for Blacksmithing? Answered 1
Where can I find scrolls of identify? Answered 6
Where can I find Staff of Herding? Answered 4
Where can I find the first vendor who sells Dyes? Answered 3
Where can I find two lore books in act 1? Open 2
Whewhat is the best gear for witch doctor? Open 1
Which stat is relevant for the wizard spell damage? Answered 2
Witch doctor sets? Open 1
Other Help status answers
Are there any additional classes and is there an object highlight key? Answered 1
Auction house - Selling characters? Open 1
Auction house interface - bid? Answered 1
Blacksmith and jeweler help? Open 1
Can a wizard use swods or axes in Diablo 3? Open 2
Can i put USD on my account without using credit cards? Open 2
Can I run this? Answered 1
Can i use WoW Pre paid cards in Diablo III? Open 1
Can this run diablo 3? Open 2
Can you choose only one class at the start of the game? Open 2
Combat System? Answered 2
Damage Reduction and Resistances? Answered 2
Diablo 3 budget? Open 1
Diablo 3 is it a waste of money? Open 2
Do you start walk very slow in this gamee? Open 2
Does anyone have a Guest pass they dont want? Open 1
Does anyone know that why Blizzard will not bring the game to consoles? Answered 9
how can i put USD on my Account? Open 2
Identifing gold items? Answered 1
Im having problem on my GFX, Intel GMA 4500M HD? Is this GFX will work on this game? Open 2
In Single Player Mode can we choose how many players we want to play? Answered 5
Is Diablo 3 is recommended for players in southeast asia? Open 3
Is it worth replaying the game? Open 1
Is magic find capped at 100%? Answered 2
Is the disc needed to play Diablo 3? Answered 7
Is there a monthly fee? Answered 2
is there a pre paid card for Diablo 3? Open 3
Is there any HINT of a time gap for when Diablo 3 will be released?? Answered 3
Like Diablo 2? Answered 2
Location of the Lyceum? Answered 1
Magic Find Mechanics? Answered 3
My account got hacked, is my computer safe? Open 2
New Player? Open 1
Nightmare difficulty help? Answered 4
Nightmare mode? Open 5
Quest Redoing? Answered 1
Redoing quest? Answered 2
Secret Level Entrance? Answered 1
Sharing whit my brother its possible? Open 3
Spirit Vessel? Answered 2
Starter and Upgrade Edition? Answered 1
System Requirements? Answered 5
This game is only for Online? Answered 2
What are proc coefficients? Open 1
What happens when an ally dies? Answered 1
What the heak? Answered 1
Where is the CD-Key? Open 1
Why is diablo so popular? Answered 2
Why so many mixed ratings? Open 6
Will my computer be able to run diablo 3? Open 6
Witch Doctor- how do I attack with an actual weapon? Open 3

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