Question from hotramafa

I need a serial code for C&C The First Decade?

I lost my manual for C&C The First Decade, and I want to instal it on my new computer. Any help with a code would be awesome. Thanks.

123omegamk2 asked for clarification:

E-mail address?


rider132 answered:

Command And Conquer The First decade. EKBB 5BNJ 96TT XADR CBF5 Tiberion Sun 054901 026685 594889 5365 Red Alert 2 026839 048320 356566 3425 Yuri's Revenge 046265 965861 933915 6804 Renegade 058030 827613 089614 1832 Generals 1531 3432190 7624832 4839 Generals Zero Hour 3L4L MG25 PWRS 4SS9 CJRQ
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baba_liam answered:

Sos un genio mil gracias!!!you safe my life thanks a lot
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