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War Rock

Author - Shadow Slasher (In game name is siyth19)
Began - October 11, 2007
Completed - Still Working on it
Email - Shadow_Slasher123@msn.com

I did this FAQ because there are no good faqs for this game. In fact, at time
of writing there is one general faq and its very outdated.

***Table of Contents***
1. Introduction
2. Controls
3. Slots
4. Branches
5. Weapons
6. Retail

***End Table of Contents***

Two warring factions, Derberan and the NIU. Derberan is a nation that is ruled
by President Zapirov. The NIU (National Independence Union) is a rebel group,
rising against Zapirov's dictatorship (President my ass). In this game you
don't choose between the two groups really. It makes no difference and you can
switch between the two between games.

***End Introduction***

There are no real controls to this game. They can be changed at any time,
however the default controls are pretty straight forward. It uses the WASD
format to move, keys 1-8 change your weapons, and the mouse aims, fires and
scopes. There are no iron sights in this game, however some weapons have a
scope (right click) and the Glock 18 has full auto fire (set to right click).
The aim/fire method cannot be changed, but you can use a joystick or gamepad

***End Controls***

***The Slots***
In this game you can have up to 8 slots. The 5th slot is given to premium
members only and the 8th slot is reserved for retail weapons. Retail weapons
are permanent. 5th slot weapons are pretty much most 3rd slot weapons, with a
few exclusive weapons only for the 5th slot. 2nd slot is for secondary weapons,
3rd slot is for primary weapons. 4th slot is class specific and cannot be
changed. 6th slot is for non-combat items and is also reserved for premium
members. 1st slot is for your knuckles. You cannot change the 1st slot (though
you can unequip it)

***End Slots***

In this game you can choose between 5 branches and they can be changed whenever
you die. Also, there is no experience distribution (I.E. playing Medic gives
you exp with the Medic). Playing in general levels you up.

Engineer - This class can fix up all vehicles, from motorcycles to jets. Since
he has to travel light, he uses submachine guns, weaker than assault rifles,
but lighter.
First slot - Knuckles
Second - Any second slot weapon (default: Colt)
Third - Any submachine gun (default: MP5)
Fourth - Spanner (wrench)
Fifth - See weapons section
Sixth - See weapons section
Eighth - See retail section

I will no longer mention the first, second, fifth, sixth and eigth slots.

Medic - The medic is... well a medic. She also uses submachine guns, but in
place of a spanner, she has a medic kit. This has up to 11 injections and can
be used on any friendly target (including yourself).
Fourth - Medic Kit 1

Sniper - The long ranged class of War Rock. Although they are unmatched in long
ranged combat, they can't hold their own in close quarters. Sniper rifles do
not have a cross hair, and instead must use a scope.
Second - Secondary weapon
Third - Sniper rifles (and the AUG Steyr)
Fourth - Fragmentation Grenades (2)

Combatant (Assault) - The basic grunt of War Rock. They use assault rifles and
are best in close to mid range.
Third - Assault rifles (and the M4A1 carbine)
Fourth - Fragmentation Grenades (2)

Heavy Trooper Unit - This class uses rocket launchers, anti-tank mines and even
a minigun to shred through vehicles (and infantry).
Third - Rocket Launcher
Fourth - Anti-tank mines (do not work on people)

***End Branches***


War Rock has a good variety of weapons. At levels 6, 11 and 16 you unlock new
weapons. The weapons you get at level 16 are obviously better than the standard
weapons, but they require more skill as well. I'll divide this into
secondaries, submachine guns, assault rifles (this includes the AUG Steyr),
sniper rifles, other, and premium (non combat) items. All weapons have 5
reloads and 30 rounds unless stated otherwise. Because I'm a gun fanatic (I
mean enthusiast), I'll give you a little info on the real gun.

-Secondary Weapons: 2nd slot-

Colt .45 (A.k.a. the M1911, read as nineteen eleven)
All classes
Minimum Level - standard
12 shots per magazine.
A decent gun, but you should trade up for a better gun.
Real World Information - One of the most famous pistols ever created. This was
used during the East Asian wars. Replaced by the M9 Beretta. In real life it
really only has 7 bullets but was given more for balancing reasons.

Glock 18 (Presumably the Glock18C, but the recoil is far too much to be called
All classes
Minimum level - 1
17 shots per magazine.
A good gun that is among the fastest guns of War Rock, but its extremely close
RWI - The only automatic pistol made by Glock, and perhaps the most famous
machine pistol ever made.

Desert Eagle
All classes
Minimum level - 1
7 shots per magazine
My personal favorite, however if you can't aim, the 7 shots will absolutely
destroy you.
RWI - A gun made famous by movies, but in real life is a mediocre gun. The high
caliber goes through walls and can kill innocents or destroy something
important by accident. It only has 7 shots, and its very loud, making it less
useful. Although its good in War Rock, in real life its not very great.

All classes
Minimum level - 1
6 shots per magazine
Very difficult to use. High recoil and slow firing, but its the most accurate
side arm. Use it to add a little range.
RWI - I know nothing off the top of my head. Research it when I have time.
3/10, 8/10 if you can use it well

All classes
Minimum level - 1
20 shots per magazine
An easy gun to use. Its fast but its not that strong. Its almost a primary in
itself if it wasn't so weak. Although its pretty good, I suggest getting a
Desert Eagle, and this second if you can't use it.
RWI - A sidearm used by several special forces teams throughout the world. Its
compact enough to be used as a sidearm in real life. The K means Kurze which
means short in German (which is where the MP5K came from).

Dual Berettas
All classes
Minimum level - 11
30 shots per magazine
Don't be fooled by its high magazine size and level 11 requirement. Its not
that great and its only good if you can't really aim. Its essentially a slower,
weaker primary weapon.
RWI - The beretta (aka the M9) is the standard issue pistol of the US Army.
Although real soldiers rarely use guns in each hand, it seems that its a
popular concept. Using a gun in each hand means loss of accuracy, more awkward
handling, longer reload time, for just a higher speed of fire and more rounds.

-Assault Rifles (Including AUG Steyr)-
All assault rifles are for the assault class aside for the AUG Steyr.

Minimum level - Standard
30 shots per magazine (All assault rifles and sub machine gunes have 30 shots
unless differently noted)
Slot: 3rd
It gets the job done but its the worst assault rifle. Keep it till level 11 and
get the G36 or get something else.
RWI - The official assault rifle of South Korea. Its based off the M16, though
its completely automatic.

Minimum level - 1
Slot: 3rd and 5th
35 shots per magazine
This weapon is inaccurate but powerful. Although its good in close range, 1
bullet doesn't make much a difference.
RWI - The worlds most infamous assault rifle. Was used by the Soviet Union, and
is now used by many terrorists worldwide.

Minimum level - 1
Slot: 3rd and 5th
The M4A1 is a carbine thats very accurate. My favorite level 1 weapon, its as
accurate as the G36. It has good stopping power (makes your target's aim move
when hit)
RWI - Used by the US Army.

Minimum level - 11
Slot: 3rd and 5th
The G36 is the second best assault rifle. Its cheap, but powerful and accurate.
It has a built in scope.
RWI - Don't have much to say. It comes with a red dot and a scope in real life.

Minimum level - 16
Slot 3rd and 5th
The best assault rifle. It has a HUGE rate of fire, but its lacking in
accuracy. You'll shred through people with this.
RWI - Used by the French military. Also known as the Clarion (bugle in French)

AUG Steyr
Level - 1
3rd Slot
The only automatic weapon given to the sniper class, it has a good range and no
crosshair. Its good to learn how to no-scope
RWI - Its an assault rifle in real life. It has a built in scope but it has
iron sights above it. Like the FAMAS, it uses the bullpup method to extend the
barrel length without making the gun too big.

-Submachine guns-
Used by Medics and Engineers

3rd Slot
A pretty good weapon for a standard. It has a decent RoF and it does ok damage.
My 3rd favorite gun.
RWI - A well known submachine gun from H&K. They also made the PSG1 the G36 and
the MP7. This SMG is fading out of preference because its roudns are not armor

Level - 1
Can be used by Assault as well.
3rd Slot
Its somewhat better than the MP5, but to save money, I would personally keep
the MP5 until level 11. Don't get it after level 11. Its the same price as the
G36 and its not that great.
RWI - Its a "Commando" version of the G36 (the C stands for Commando if you
didn't catch that). Its shorter and it has iron sights instead of the red
dot/scope method the G36 uses.

Level - 1
3rd Slot
A decent weapon, especially if you can't aim well because it takes a while to
unload its magazine. It has decent stopping power.
RWI - The "gangsta" gun. Its a submachine gun that was made so that you can use
it with one hand, in case the other hand is injured. Consequently, many movies
show people using 2 at once.

Level - 1
3rd Slot
A good gun with a solid firing rate. It has a 4 shot kill but its recoil is
hard to control if your not very skilled. I'd suggest a P90 or the MP7A1
RWI - Erroneously known as the carbine version of the K2, it was made before
the K2 (hence K1). The K2 is a longer assault rifle version of the K1.

Level - 11
Can be used by Assault as well.
3rd Slot
100 rounds, 2 magazines
Essentially a G36C with 100 rounds. Its more useful of course, and its the
Medic/Engineer's SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon)
RWI - Nothing to say.

Level - 11
3rd Slot
50 rounds, 3 magazines
Its a pretty good weapon, essentially a MP7 that has less damage but more ammo
(and a tinsy bit slower). Its accuracy isn't that great however.
RWI - A PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) thats armor piercing. Its ammo sits on it
horizontally and is turned upon chambering.

Level - 21
5th slot
40 rounds
The best medic weapon (and possibly the best automatic). Its as fast as the
FAMAS, pretty accurate and its damned powerful.
RWI - Another PDW. This weapon was designed to take on targets in close
quarters. Because people often wear body armor, this weapon is designed to go
through the armor and hit the target.

-Sniper Rifles-

3rd Slot
5 shots per magazine
Its a good sniper rifle to teach you how to snipe. Its the 2nd or 3rd most
accurate sniper rifle (bullet drop aside). I'd personally keep it till level 11.
RWI - The official sniper rifle of the US Army. It uses the 7.65 (I think thats
the caliber, I'm not sure) NATO round.

Level - 1
10 shots per magazine
Its an accurate sniper rifle and its the 2nd or 3rd most accurate. Less bullet
drop than the M24, more than the PSG.
RWI - Not much to say.

Level - 11
5 shots per magazine
The most inaccurate sniper rifle. Although its fine for closer sniping, in
Ohara or other BG maps your going to have a little trouble. Although its semi
automatic, PLEASE DO NOT SPAM IT. I mean do NOT shoot over and over without
aiming. It has a heart shot kill
RWI - The worlds most accurate semiautomatic sniper (so much for accuracy Dream
Execution..). Although it sounds like it would be good for military use, its
rarely used because the shell ejection can fling the shell over 5 meters.

AWM (Erroneously named the AI_AW in game) Arctic Warfare Magnum
Level - 16
5 shots per magazine
The BEST sniper rifle in my opinion. It takes skill to use but once you master
it you'll be popping head shots off in no time.
RWI - One of the most widely known sniper rifles ever. Its variant, the AWP
(Arctic Warfare Police) is in Counterstrike.

M82 (Also known as the Barret, although this is a wide term and can be used for
several of Barret's sniper rifles)
Level - Presumably 26
Presumably 10 shots per magazine, 3 magazines.
I have not had a chance to use this on International War Rock (although I've
used it in Korean War Rock). This is an ANTI-VEHICLE sniper rifle. Although its
accurate enough to engage targets at long distances, its not very powerful
against humans. Contrary to other rifles, this weapon can shoot through the
glass of a Humvee or helicopter (or any other vehicle that has windows) and
kill the driver or a passenger.
RWI - A 50 caliber sniper rifle. This baby can pierce all kinds of armor, and
type 8 bullet proof glass (strongest kind). It can actually cut a human in
HALF. Because this kind of power is not necessary to engage unarmored OPFOR
(OPposing FORces), its generally used to shoot through tanks, walls, and other

-Rocket Launchers-

Panzerfaust (Literally, the Tank Fist)
1 shot per reload, 3 reloads.
A horrid weapon. Although its a rocket launcher it takes 2 shots (Yes 2 shots)
to kill someone.
RWI - The standard anti-tank weapon of Germany.

Level - 1
1 shot per reload, 4 reloads
A good weapon but you have to hit them directly to kill them.
RWI - This rocket launcher is used by the Taliban and Al Queda currently.
Although in real life this barely scratches US tanks, its fairly sufficient to
be anti-personnel.

Level - 1
1 shot per reload, 4 reloads.
A good anti-air weapon against helicopters, but does nothing to land vehicles.
Although its effective against jets, they're usually gone before you can get a
second shot.
RWI - This is a sophisticated, electronically guided weapon that is used by the
US Army to destroy and neutralize enemy aircraft.

Used by Assault class

Level - 16
100 shots per magazine, 2 magazines.
My favorite SAW. Its very accurate and its 100 shots is more than enough to
dispatch a group of people.
RWI - A SAW used during the Vietnam War until it was replaced by the M249. Its
still used as a mounted gun for its superior accuracy.

M249 (It is NOT called the M249 Minimi.)
Level - 16
100 shots per magazine, 3 magazines.
A decent SAW. Its slightly more powerful than the M60 and its faster too.
Although it has more ammunition, you'll seldom use it all.
RWI - This gun has several names. The game combined 2 of them to make the M249
Minimi. Its either the M249, or the FN Minimi. Never both.

Can be used by all classes

K400 Fragmentation grenade
Level - standard or bought in shop at level 1
2 if standard, 1 if bought.
Its great for getting places you can't shoot. Bounce it off walls and ceilings
for maximum effect.
RWI - Nothing.

Smoke grenade
Level - Who cares, its useless. Don't get it.
1 use.
Its horrible. Don't use it (though you could use it to trick someone into
thinking its a real grenade). Use it to signal friendly aircraft (hah, if you
can find anyone who'll do it).
RWI - Nothing really. Used to signal friendly aircraft and disguise movement.

Flash bang grenade
Level - I think level 1, email me if I"m wrong.
5 uses.
Its not that great. It takes nearly 3 flash bangs to ACTUALLY blind someone and
that only lasts a few seconds. Don't bother.
RWI - Used by SWAT teams to blind terrorists without hurting hostages.


M134 Minigun (Minigun is a type of gun, not a nickname for this gun)
Heavy Weapons Unit
Level - 16
200 rounds no reloads.
High speeds, large damage, can take down aircraft. Whats not to like? For
example, the recoil will have you moving your mouse down for quite a while if
your aiming for an aircraft.
RWI - Normally mounted on aircraft. Contrary to movie belief, it is NOT able to
be used by hand.

M7 Knife
Level - 0
It does absolutely no damage.
RWI - I'm writing this off the top of my head , but I believe it was a bayonet
to go on the M16.

Med Kit 1
It heals you or a teammate for 30%.
RWI - I'm 99.99% sure this doesn't exist.

Winchester shotgun
Assault, Medic, Engineer
Level - 11
It does more damage the closer you are. Point blank is an instant kill.
RWI - IIRC its a WWII era shotgun used to clear entrenchments.

Medic Box
Level - 1
It heals you or an enemy for 50%. Its rather useful because you don't have to
RWI - Non existant

Ammo Box
Level - 1
Replenishes all non-explosive ammunition.
RWI - Non Existant

Level - 1
Prevents you from dieing of lack of medical treatment.
RWI - I know nothing about this at the moment.

Flash Mine
Level - 1
Its useful but you'll be called a noob over and over. I'd save my money but if
you want them go ahead.
RWI - Non existent. (Its not practical)

***End Weapons*** (Phew!)

***Retail and Eighth Slot***
You just saw a level 1 run around with an M60. What the hell? Let me explain it
to you. What you saw was an account that has retail. Retail gives you access to
the 8th slot, at the time of this is written there is no other way to get 8th
slot. The 8th slot weapons are as follows.
M60 - Assault
M249 - Heavy Trooper (You heard me right)
AWM - Sniper
FAMAS - Assault
M134 - Heavy Trooper

Retail weapons are permanent and can be used as soon as they are activated.

***End Retail***