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Where exactly am I supposed to go after Fort Aspenwood in PvE?

After i won, nothing really happened, and no one told me anything in the game.

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Shadow1975 answered:

Fort Aspenwood is not a normal mission. It is a PvP aspect of Factions that uses the PvE environment and NPCs. You actually never can 'complete' it, but you can win a match. Although there is a Primary Quest to take you there (and Jade Quarry), there is nothing required beyond that. The next step in the story would be either of the Befriending quests (Kurzicks or Luxons). After you complete the Befriending quest you get another Primary that takes you to the next mission (either Eternal Grove for Kurzick or Gyala Hatchery for Luxons).

Winning the mission provides Faction for whichever side you played on, as well as the Faction you would earn during the battles. This is a mission only in the loosest sense of the word. Think of it more like Alliance Battles. You use it for gaining Faction, not for progressing the story.

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Scottie_theNerd answered:

Fort Aspenwood is a Competitive Mission, and is thus an optional part of the game. You are not required to go there, and it is not part of your primary quest chain.

Assuming you are travelling from House zu Heltzer and are progressing through the story, your next destination should be Lutgardis Conservatory, due south from Fort Aspenwood. You may also want to get to the Saint Anjeka's Shrine outpost, just west of Lutgardis.
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