Restoration Ritualist Guide by Nobleman_Azure

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Restoration Ritualist Guide
by: Nobleman Azure
Version 3.0


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RRtG01: Introduction
RRtG02: Restoration Spells and Skills
RRtG03: The Basics of Healing
RRtG04: Special Techniques
RRtG05: Builds
RRtG06: Helpful Links
RRtG07: Closing FAQ
RRtG08: Credits and Thanks

RRtG01: Introduction

"GLF Monk!"
"Group LFM!!"

I for one am sick of this. Ritualists can heal too, and mighty well at it 
might add. So as an introduction I am telling you, fellow reader, that 
I made this thread in hopes to help those interested in Restoration Magic 
to show the ignorant masses that our healing is nothing to give a cold 
shoulder to.

So what would be an indication that you have met your goal to be known?
A recent quote was said to me in the middle of Alliance Battle

"You gotta show me that rit build sometime man, of all the rits 
I've seen you are the only one who does healing very very well"

Mind you, We (a group of 4) held ground against almost 3 groups of 4. 
How could'nt that make you a believer?
Anyways... let's get started.

Arenanet has gone and revamped the restoration line. The restoration magic
for the ritualist is finally much, much more viable as a primary healer.

RRtG02: Restoration Spells and Skills

While there are several restoration based ritualist builds exist, there are 
a couple of spells and skills I am going to mention because of their 
exceptional performance.

I will not include Elites because every build will use a different elite.
Some builds will benefit from one but not the other.

I will also not include other spells from other lines or profession that helps
the restoration healer. This is up to the player to determine because each
Restoration build is different

[[Generous Was Tsungrai]]
This nifty Item spell does have advantages over the monk commonly used self 
heal healing touch. 
This gives you a heal that fills a little over half your total HP. 
This heal may also let you bypass diversion and backfire and other nasty hexes, 
even blackout. How you ask? Simply have it ready if you know you will 
need it soon, then simply dropping it wont trigger any sort of punishment 
hex or interrupt.
What else does this provide you? meeting the requirement for the 
energy +1 soothing memories can give also can give you pretty much a 
cheap cost heal.

[[Spirit Transfer]]
This is a wonderheal. 
It has a very fast cast time for a huge heal spike to save your allies 
from death. It requires a spirit...any spirit, so if you are near an enemy 
spirit, you may use this to take a chunk out of their spirit 
(Including nature ritual) instead =D. 
Now that doesnt sound that big of a drawback now is it?
Spirit transfer now recharges in 5 seconds. Now isnt that great? the heal is
now much more readily available when you need it.

[[Resilent Weapon]]
This lil dealie makes conditions and hexing your friend, not your enemy. 
Alot of characters rely on conditioning and hexing. T
he bonus this weapon spell gives is a huge help. 
Trust me, its not that conditional...even then it should give you bonus 
heals for wielders boon right?

If you plan on adding alot of points in spawning power, why not? 
But you arent bringing spirits just because you have spawning power. 
Spirits help in other ways beyond what they do as their description 
outlines it...Read on, you will find out what soon.

RRtG03: The Basics of Healing

You should know these, even monks need to know these. 
These are common knowledge based on common sense that helps a player heal 

Run, always be on the move when you arent healing and someone is trying to 
damage you. Either to keep a warrior away or to dodge. 
Want an example of good kiting?
Say you are running from a meleer, and you saw an elementalist throw a water 
trident at you. It would help to pause for a second then start running 
again to make the trident miss, or at least not knock you down since it only 
knocks down moving targets.

[[Regen and Spike]]
There is a time when regen is best, and a time when spiking serves better. 
Spike heals do best when the targetted person is below 75-80% HP since it 
keeps them from being spiked yet again to death. 
Regeneration helps best when the said target is of course over 75-80%, 
especially if they are poisoned bleeding or hexed with something that degenned.
When their HP is at that mark or higher, spike heals is just a waste since 
it will heal for alot more that what their Max HP can take. 
Keep in mind you dont have to always apply regen at someone just because 
they are in those conditions or hexes.
Regen is also helpful when you are kiting since it does its job while you move.

[[Energy Conservation]]
Do not heal if you dont have to. Anal Retentiveness does not serve well here, 
you do not have to keep everyone at 100%. 
Dont waste energy healing someone from 95% to 100%. 
The only exception to this is if your energy is completely full since you 
have to keep that +4 en regen at work right?
I once left a teammate at 60% for almost a whole minute without healing him. 
Why? because he wasnt at focus fire and he was far away from chaos...
should I see even one projectile or deduction from his hp bar, 
im more than ready to spike him somethin.

[[General Knowledge]]
Knowing what other people do helps you keep alive. 
Knowing which hexes can make serious harm to you, knowing that deep wound is 
a huge obstacle to healing, knowing that when an axe warrior deep wounds 
you an axe rake may follow so you remove that deep wound pronto because 
its a prerequisite for axe rakes crippling effect. 
These are only a few examples, learning the workings of other classes helps.

[[Projectile Control]]
Lightning orbs hurt, and more importantly, rangers are a pain in the rear. 
Projectile control is very important; make sure your dodging skills are 
optimal and dont shy on using the environment as advantages: 
Hide behind a wall, under a bridge, hide next to an elevation change...
anything to put a tree, a rock, woodden bridges, or even the ground you step 
on (as in elevation changes) on the said enemy's line of sight.

RRtG04: Special Technique

You have to remember that you are a ritualist, not a monk...the same way 
assassins need to remind themselves they are an assassin, not a warrior.
Why do you have to acknowledge this? Lets outline.

[[Your skills have conditions]]
No no no they do not apply conditions but rather, they have conditions you 
have to meet to get the most out of them. 
Is this bad? Perhaps, but lets us look at the glass as half full: 
these heals will be powerful almost all the time when the user is very 
intelligent at playing, and them being able to heal even without meeting the 
conditions makes them versatile no?
Be mindful what yourskill does. 
Do you want to mend body and soul that person? or would you rather give 
him resilent because hes not even in a focus fire and he could use the regen.

[[Your spirits have varying range]]
Use it to your advantage. You know you would be running with minion masters? 
Recuperation or even Life helps alot. How about preservation's small range? 
This can be turned into an advantage: 
You can selectively heal a person in small groups by planting this spirit 
a bit far away where it will not heal anyone in the chaotic part of a battle. 
Simply tell your team that whoever caster needs a heal can bother to stand 
next to preservation to heal. You can also use it yourself by going next to it.

[[Your spirits have collision]]
That means that your spirits can bodyblock. 
If meleers are after you you may try to run around the spirit tactically to 
get it in between you and your chaser. 
Almost all the times they will get stuck and buy you a couple of seconds, 
which helps a whole lot in reality.

[[Spirits are more than what it says]]
Your spirits do more than what its description says. Aside from whatever it 
does plain and simple, you can use it as bodyblockers as said from above as 
well asbattery for your team necromancers. When they die they trigger 
necromancers soul reaping. A good ritualist always keeps this fact in mind.

RRtG05: Builds

[[Eayn's Support Healing Restoration Rt Build]]

Weapon of Warding
Resilient Weapon
Soothing Memories
Spirit Light
Weapon of Shadow
Energy management of your choice.
Mighty Was Vorizun
Rez Sig or Rez

This build has potential in an a 4v4 match, Mighty was Vorizun helps protect
yourself as you heal your allies. However, this build's weakness is ability to
endure long battles. Its ability to support is emhasized however which makes
this a good supporter for a primary healer.

[[Jlmondell's Offensive Restoration Rt Build]]

Mend Body and Soul
Arcane Echo
Vengeful Weapon
Blind was Mingon
Flesh of my Flesh
Generous was Tsungrai

This build is another great support healer build because the focus isnt plain
healing, but healing while dealing damage to the opposition.

[[Azure's Pure Restoration Build v2]]

Spirit Transfer
Soothing Memories
Mend Body and Soul
Generous Was Tsungrai (for PVP)
Spirit Light (For PVE)
Resilient Weapon
Flesh of My Flesh

This build is pure healing and can even function as the party's primary healer.
This build is what made alot of people believers that restoration ritualists
can heal well as well.
Though not as easy to use as a monk healer, with careful consideration of
which skill to use at which situations as well as following the guidelines
mentioned in this Guide, you will be able to hold of a team of 8 against your
team of 4 in battles for quite a while.

[[Master Ypoc's Mass Restoration Build]]

Attuned was Songkai
Heal Party
Resilient Weapon
Spirit Light
Mend body and Soul
Flesh of my Flesh

This build has exceptional ability to give heals to everyone in the party.
This build does exceptionally well against parties that run minion masters as
well as parties doing missions that involve plenty of other NPC allies.
This build may not have the power to spike heals but it makes it up by being
able to keep everyone health as a whole

[[Azure's Attuned Restoration Build v2]]

Attuned Was Sonkai
Wielders boon
Soothing Memories
Mend Body and Soul
Spirit Light
Resilient Weapon
Ressurection Signet**

**Can be Flesh of my Flesh

This build has the same ability to be a primary healer like my Pure Restoration
Build. This build gives more ability to heal but with a vulnerability that
involves the dependancy from attuned was sonkai. Functions as an exceptional
build for PVE healing.

[[Zesr Swiftblade's All Purpose Restoration]]

Attuned Was Songkai
Revealed Hex
Resilient Weapon
Wielder's Boon
Soothing Memories
Spirit Transfer
Flesh of my Flesh

This build hides the ritualist's weakness of hex removal and borrows the ability
from the mesmer with revealed hex. Although it has a lower amount of healing
ability compared to other pure restoration builds, it makes up for its ability
to rid of any heavily threatening hex.

[[Arredondo's Healer Blindbot]]

Signet of Midnight
Mantra of Inscriptions
Signet of Humility
Resilient weapon
Mighty was Vorizun (I recommend generous was tsungrai however)
Soothing Memories
Wielder's Boon
Flesh of my Flesh

This build ingeniously uses the self-blinding ability of signet of midnight in
able to trigger resilients conditional nature at all times on yourself, making
you a high armored regenning healer. Not only that, you also periodically
inflict blind to stop attackers which generate tremendous pressure otherwise.

[[Sorale's Quick was Sonkai Restoration Rit]]

Mend Body and Soul
Soothing Memories
Weapon of Warding (Though I recommend something else)
Resilient Weapon
Attuned was Songkai
Serpent's Quickness
Flesh of My Flesh

The idea of this build is genious, you dont need much points in wilderness
survival to run this fine. Serpents quickness is simply there for attuned was
sonkai and perhaps recuperation, by the time the 2 skills recharges...even
with low wilderness survival...serpents quickness should be ready as well
for another use and resuse of attuned.

RRtG06: Helpful Links
------------------------------------------------------------ forums Ritualist Section: 
I drop by here every once in a while. There is no better place than here 
to find Ritualist-related information

Helpful online encyclopedia of everything Guildwars 
The main site of the game. Shows what updates were made and many others

Cerulean Midnight [CeM] Forums: 
This is my guild forums, if you would like ritualist help you are welcome to 
drop by and ask me personally

My In Game Name is Nobleman Azure. 
You may contact me to ask me questions about the Ritualist class or guild wars 
in general. 
I will give you an answer whenever I can

RRtG07: Closing FAQ

What is the best build/weapon/armor?
This is guildwars, there simply is a huge variety of things that are equally 
'best' It all boils down to what you prefer and/or what build you are using.

I found an error in this FAQ, how do I contact you?
I have a siggestion for this FAQ, how do I contact you?
You may mail me error ammendments and suggestions at

I want to 1v1 you!
I do not like 1v1, I have nothing to prove at such battles. 
I remain convinced this is a team game and its about team coordinated battles.

You're wrong!
Contact me, I would gladly argue with you as long as it remains civilized. 
I like argueing, it brings about knowledge and criticism.

I want to join Cerulean Midnight. How can I join CeM?
Just contact me in-game and you're in. 
We are a laid back guild with no pressures. 
No requirements of experience necessary, I am always glad to teach the 

RRtG08: Credits and Thanks

Thanks to for providing a place for the ritualists to delegate

Thanks to Arenanet for creating this game

Thanks to Patccmoi 
(I told you, Rt can keep your mesmer butt alive)

Thanks to Ritualist forum regulars for the builds they posted
-Master Ypoc
-Zesr Swiftblade

Version History

08/03/06: Updated from v1 to v2
          (Added more builds and more tips)
09/15/06: Updated from v2 to v3
          (Updated information according to recent game
           updates for the ritualist class)

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