Secondary Class Guide by Jaws_Of_Doom

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Secondary Class Guide

Written by: Jaws of Doom
With the support of: Valkyrie Einherjer Leadership


Table of Contents:

Preface       [0PF0]

Assassin      [0A0]
A/E           [0AE0]
A/Me          [0AMe0]
A/Mo          [0AMo0]
A/N           [0AN0]
A/R           [0AR0]
A/Rt          [0ARt0]
A/W           [0AW0]

Elementalist  [0E0]
E/A           [0EA0]
E/Me          [0EMe0]
E/Mo          [0EMo0]
E/N           [0EN0]
E/R           [0ER0]
E/Rt          [0ERt0]
E/W           [0EW0]

Mesmer        [0Me0]
Me/A          [0MeA0]
Me/E          [0MeE0]
Me/Mo         [0MeMo0]
Me/N          [0MeN0]
Me/R          [0MeR0]
Me/Rt         [0MeRt0]
Me/W          [0MeW0]

Monk          [0Mo0]
Mo/A          [0MoA0]
Mo/E          [0MoE0]
Mo/Me         [0MoMe0]
Mo/N          [0MoN0]
Mo/R          [0MoR0]
Mo/Rt         [0MoRt0]
Mo/W          [0MoW0]

Necromancer   [0N0]
N/A           [0NA0]
N/E           [0NE0]
N/Mo          [0NMo0]
N/Me          [0NMe0]
N/R           [0NR0]
N/Rt          [0NRt0]
N/W           [0NW0]

Ranger        [0R0]
R/A           [0RA0]
R/E           [0RE0]
R/Me          [0RMe0]
R/Mo          [0RMo0]
R/N           [0RN0]
R/Rt          [0RRt0]
R/W           [0RW0]

Ritualist     [0Rt0]
Rt/A          [0RtA0]
Rt/E          [0RtE0]
Rt/Me         [0RtMe0]
Rt/Mo         [0RtMo0]
Rt/N          [0RtN0]
Rt/R          [0RtR0]
Rt/W          [0RtW0]

Warrior       [0W0]
W/A           [0WA0]
W/E           [0WE0]
W/Me          [0WMe0]
W/Mo          [0WMo0]
W/N           [0WN0]
W/R           [0WR0]
W/Rt          [0WRt0]

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Preface       [0PF0]

This guide is written to fulfill the ever looming question of what you should
choose for your secondary for a new character.  Whether you are new to the
game, or a veteran that is creating a new character, this guide is here to
look at different possibilities for secondaries, and what you can do for each
choice.  Each class will be set up as followed.

First, there will be a general description of the class in general.  This is
looking at with no secondary, and will go over what kind of role you will be
playing as in game with your class.  Following that, there will be five
sections, one for each secondary class.  These will go in detail over
different combinations and possibilities that you can create with the two 

Please note that I'm not going to choose a class for you.  You won't find any
rankings or system that will tell you what you should play as.  Instead, I
just hope to give you ideas to suit your particular play style.

Also, even though I may reference a number of builds throughout the guide,
it will be up to you to fill out the build as you wish.  Whether you look it
up on another site, or build it yourself, that will be your responsibility,
and will not be listed in the guide.  Also, this will be looking at only the
PvE or RPG aspect of the game, and not the PvP aspect.  This is because PvP
is so much more team orientated, that your secondary will be chosen on what
the team needs, and not what you want to be.

The classes are listed in alphabetical order to help in finding them, but you
can also use the code I put behind each section and sub-section, and your
browser search tool (usually Ctrl+F) to instantly head to the section of your


Assassin      [0A0]

Assassins are a kind of solo spiking character that can inflict a very large
amount of damage on a single target.  However, the most important thing that
all assassins to remember is that they do not have the armor of a tank, and
should not act like a tank.  Always be ready to get out of damage, defend
yourself or heal depending on the circumstances.  Shadow steps will be your
best friend, as well as your high damage chain combo which will be your best
way to wipe out a target.

A/E           [0AE0]

Assassins can take full advantage of the elementalist's point blank spells
and conjure ability.  With the right elemental weapons, assassins attack
at a much faster speed than other melee classes allowing you to signifcantly
increase your damage output, especially combined with high Dagger Mastery
for more duel strikes.

Assassins can also take advantage of the protective spells from Earth Magic
to increase their survivability in melee.  Wards can be used to protect
yourself or slow enemies, and a number of earth spells will give you extra
armor to help you in the thick of fighting.

A/Me          [0AMe0]

A mesmer secondary's greatest strenght is by using Physical or Elemental
Resistance to help give you more armor in battle.  Simply pick what the other
team has more of, and then go in and start whailing on the opposite type.  So
if you see a lot of elementalists, use Elemental Resistance, get in, and kill
the warriors, or vice versa.

Another strong possibility is to use the Mantas based on the type of elemental
damage you're going to be going up against.  Not only will this give you more
armor, but it will also provide you with extra energy which an assassin can
always use.

A/Mo          [0AMo0]

The best combo here is the self healing ability of Vigorous Spirit.  Much
like the conjures of the elementalist line, Vigorous Spirit will continuously
activate every attack, which is at an already high rate, and will only increase
with a high Dagger Mastery with the duel attacks.

Much like the warrior, an assassin can also use Smiting Prayers to increase
your damage output, mainly through Judge's Insight which will give you
additional armor penetration.  You can also use a number of area of effect
attacks to also help your damage output.

A/N           [0AN0]

Assassins with their high energy recovery can take even more advantage of the
touch skills than even a warrior can.  Plague Touch is an easy conditional
removal, and other touches allow you to do armor ignoring damage that is an
easy and effective way to finish off an energy that triggers an evasion stance
the second before they die.

Necro secondaries can also take advantage of the wells to help their
survivability in melee.  By giving themself some extra health regeneration, or
a little more degeneration to the enemy, you can help keep the battle in your
favor, as well as exploit corpses that enemy necromancers may wish to use.

A/R           [0AR0]

Bring a pet!  As crazy as it sounds, a pet will not only help you do more
damage, but you can also use it as your own personal tank, by having enemies
focus on it instead of you.  At the same time, you can take advantage of
Bestial Fury in the Beast Mastery line to help increase your attack speed.

A new, very intersting combo is by grabbing your favorite bow, and the elite
skill Barrage.  With this, you can use your Critical Strike ability to inflict
more damage with your barrages then normal.  At the same time, you will have
awesome energy return, allowing you to use some enchantements from Critical
Strikes to help improve your damage, or protect yourself.

A/Rt          [0ARt0]

Become a bomber by carrying ashes into battle.  While you will be a little
slower getting in, you can immediently drop the ashes to do damage to your
foes before even getting the daggers out.  Cruel Was Daoshen is great for this.

Another great way to increase damage is to use Weapons Spells on yourself.
Whether you use Brtual Weapon to increase the damage you do per hit, Wailing
Weapon to interupt physical attackers, or a weapon from Restoration Magic
to help protect or heal you, they are all an easy, non-strippable way to help
your cause.

A/W           [0AW0]

If your tired of your weak daggers, trade them in for a better weapon.  Whether
you use a sword, axe, or hammer, you'll be able to inflict more damage, while
still using critical strikes for additional energy.  With swords and axes, a
shield will help give you more armor as well.

Another good possibility is to use the Warrior's Tactics to provide you with
defensive stances, as well as more healing skills.  Since an Assassin lacks
a stance like those a Warrior has, using one from Tactics can greatly help you
survive in battle.


Elementalist  [0E0]

Generally, the primary job of the elementalist is to do a lot of damage through
their magical attacks.  Two of the most popular types of elementalist use
either air or fire magic.  Air is generally used to inflict damage on a single
enemy, while fire is used to inflict damage to multiple enemies.  Water is
known as a hexing magic that is used to inflict damage as well as slow enemies
down.  Finally, earth has a little bit off offensive magic coupled with
defensive wards and enchantments to protect yourself and your team.  As an
elementalist, you should rarely find yourself in need of energy with the
primary energy storage giving you more energy for each level in it.

E/A           [0EA0]

With Factions, a number of point blank spells have been introduced that
elementalists don't like using because of their week armor.  An assassin
secondary allows you to Shadow Step in, unleash a number of powerful area of
effect spells, and then get out without taking massive damage on the run in
or out.

Another strong possiblity is to use the assassin's Deadly arts or Shadow Arts
to complement your other spells.  There are a number of snares at your
disposal to keep an enemy in your area spells, protective or healing skills to
better keep yourself alive, and a number of shadow steps to help you move
around the battlefield efficiently.

E/Me          [0EMe0]

This is very popular when you have one very powerful skill that you want to 
throw out multiple times.  Two mesmer skills, Arcane Echo and Echo allow you
to copy any spell in your inventory, allowing you to use it over and over
again.  Also, since the two Echo skills are Unalligned, you don't need to have
any attribute points in any mesmer skills in order to make this effective.

Another strong possiblity would be to use Inspiration Magic to provide energy
management in very energy costly builds.  While elementalist do have their
own skills to keep their energy high, mesmer Inspriation Magic can be used to
supply an extra boost in energy when needed.

E/Mo          [0EMo0]

The best part of the monk secondary is your ability to self-heal, which monks
lack an effective means of.  However, you can take this even farther, and make
yourself a full monk.  Instead of having the greater healing ability from
Divine Favor, you will have a lot more energy than primary monks have allowing
you to heal much more often.

Another good combination would be to mix a monk's Smiting Prayers in with your
other magic to provide other means of damage.  This is extremely effective in
areas with a large number of undead enemies, which will take double damage
from your smiting skills.

E/N           [0EN0]

Mixing a necromancer secondary in with the elementalist can give you the same
advantage as the monk's smiting prayers.  Using Blood Magic or Curses, you
can give yourself the ability to do shadow damage along with your normal
elemental skills.  This is very effective when facing enemies with a high
armor level as your shadow skills give you the ability to ignore it

Another possibilty would be for energy management.  Offering of Blood can
be used to trade a bit of health for an instant energy burst, while Well of
Power can be used on a corpse to provide you with a constant increase of
energy regeneration.

E/R           [0ER0]

The highlight of this combination would be the ability to mix physical and
elemental ranged damaged.  This would allow you to stay out of the way of
melee damage, as well as focus on doing damage that your foe is weak

Another great possibility would be to combine the ranger skills of
Enerngizing Wind and Quickening Zephyr to help you with skill casting.
The combination of these two skills will allow you to cast your skills
for less energy, while at the same time, making them recharge


For secondary ritualists, Channeling Magic is a great way to mix your normal
elemental damage with more lightning damage.  Not only will it keep your damage
output high, but these skills are generally a bit cheaper, and never cause
exaustion, keeping your energy ready to go.

Elementalists can also start dropping spirits across the battlefield with the
help of their Energy Storage.  With their great reserve of energy, they can
easily produce spirits without quickly running out of energy that ritutalist
run into.

E/W           [0EW0]

With a warrior secondary your main benefit would be in protection and
self-healing.  The warrior Tactics line gives you a number of stances
that you can use for protection against a large attack, as well as Healing 
Signet for a decent self-heal.

Another possibilty would be to use Earth Magic skills to increase your
armor, and then to run into melee range being more well protected than
a warrior would be.  You could then use one of the warrior's melee weapons
combined with close range area of effect spells to do the majority of your


Mesmer        [0Me0]

Overall, the mesmer is a very specialized class that relies on taking advantage
of an enemy's weakness in ordder to inflict damage.  They also have the ability
to inflict massive amounts of health degeneration through their illusion magic.
Mesmers also have the best energy management in the game with their inspiration
magic giving them the ability to create or steal energy.  Due to how 
specialized they are, it is not recommended that for new players do to high
difficulty of putting together an effective build, however, experienced players
can use the mesmers abilities to decimate another team with great efficiency.

Me/A          [0MeA0]

A great advantage here is the Assassin's Deadly Arts to help to inflict more
damage.  Not only will it allow you to deal direct damage to an enemy, but you
can also use it with your assorted Mesmer skills to provide support to your
team by stripping enchantments or snaring foes that like to run.

Assassin secondaries can also use the Shadow Stepping abilities to get around
the battlefield with ease.  This can help you either get away from attacks
if you are finding yourself as the target, or to get in, Blackout, and get
out for enemies that are charging powerful skills.

Me/E          [0MeE0]

The greatest advantage is here that a mesmer can easily fast cast a number of
cheap elementalist skills to do a lot of damage in a short time.  Combined with
energy management skills that mesmers already have, they will be able to
consistantly spam a few cheap skills to do their damage.

Other possibility is to use the elemental glyphs to increase the effectiveness
of their mesmer abilities.  This can include the ability to make skills cost
less energy, make them instantly recharge, or instantly cast for longer spells.
The best part about this is that it requires no attribute points in any
elementalist attributes, freeing them up for other uses.

Me/Mo         [0MeMo0]

The biggest advantage to gain here is the ability to fast cast resurrecting
skills during battle.  The biggest problem with reusable resurrecting skills is
the large amount of time it takes to cast them, which may leave your team
vulnerable if you are under attack.  The ability to significantly reduce that
time is a huge advantage allowing you to get people back in the fight faster, 
and without having to use the one time Resurrection Signet.

The other possibilty with this is to provide yourself with a few powerful self-
healing skills.  While you won't have enough energy to be able to heal the
entire team, you can use one or two good healing skills to keep yourself alive
with your weak armor.

Me/N          [0MeN0]

A great combination here would be to combine the health degeneration skills of
a mesmer with that of the necromancer to make them even more effective.  This
will give you the ability to spread more degeneration to more enemies taking
them down quicker than with just mesmer degeneration alone.

Another possiblity along the same lines would be to use the wells that
necromancers can create for the same degenerative purposes.  This also has
the advantage that with your fast casting ability, you will generally be
able to get the corpse before enemy necromancers, allowing you to prevent
them from using their own wells, or from raising minions.

Me/R          [0MeR0]

Like the secondary necromancer, the ranger will also allow you to spread you
degeneration skills even wider.  However, a secondary ranger will allow you
to cause degenerative conditions such as poison or bleeding, allowing you
to have a greater variety instead of the all hex Me/N.

Another strong possiblity would be to combine the disruptive abilities of the
mesmer with the disruptive abilities of a ranger to prevent enemies from
casting any spells.  Using a combination of the two will allow you to stop
any spell being cast by your target if your reaction is fast enough, which
would in turn, prevent a lot of damage directed at your team.

Me/Rt         [0MeRt0]

Much the like the monk secondary, the biggest advantage here is that you have
the ability fast cast a resurrection spell.  In this case, it will probably
be Flesh of My Flesh, but this will allow your monks to focus on healing while
you get an ally up without using your one time only resurrection signet.

The ritualist secondary will also let you use Channeling Magic to help to do
direct damage to your enemies.  Unlike Elementalist skills, they are of much
lower cost, and you'll never have to worry about exaustion allowing you to
quickly spike a target that you've be degenerating for the kill.

Me/W          [0MeW0]

Probably the most interesting combination, this allows you to use the mesmer
elite skill Illusionary Weaponry, to inflict massive melee damage on your
enemies.  When combined with Flurry or other skills to increase your attack
speed, it will allow you to inflict a huge amount of damage in a short time.
Just remember that you need to be careful with your weak armor, and warrior
defensive stances may be very helpful in keeping you alive.

Another possibility would be to simply use a warrior's Tactics to help
reduce damage.  Since you have some of the weakest armor in the game, if
you're attacked, it is very benefitial to have some kind of protection
to help you, and your monk out due to the increased damage that your
enemies will have.


Monk          [0Mo0]

I just want to start out by making it clear that if you are a primary monk, you
will be expected to either protect or heal your team.  Smiting monks are very
rare, and almost never used in PvE fighting.  If you do want to smite, all I
ask is that you let your team know so that you don't find yourself in a lack of
healing later on.  However, this guide will be focusing on the healing and
protection aspects that a monk excels at.

Mo/A          [0MoA0]

Monks may often find themselves using the Shadow Step ability to help them
get around the battlefield as much as Assassins themselves do.  It is
particularly effective when using touch based skills as you can jump to your
ally instantly to get the healing spell off.

From the Shadow Arts, the skill Dark Escape may also be handy if you're finding
that the battle isn't going in your favor.  The monk should be one of the first
ones to call a retreat, and getting out is key since you may be one of the few
to have a reusable resurrection skill

Mo/E          [0MoE0]

One great combination is using earth magic to increase your base armor.  Since
monk armor is very weak like most caster armor, you will often find yourself
the target of enemy attacks as they like to go for weaker armor first.  Using
Kinetic Armor is the best way to help yourself out as you will cast often
enough to keep it renewed while receiving a nice benefit.

Another possiblity would be to combine the monk's impressive protection ability
with the wards that earth elementalists can make to add even more protection.
This is particularly effective with ranger team members that can stay in the
wards, and do damage to the enemies outside of it.

Mo/Me         [0MoMe0]

Overall, this is the most common monk secondary due to the mesmers awesome
energy management.  With both elites and non-elites to help regain energy, it
is by and far the best way to keep your energy high to allow you to continue 
to heal.

This also works well for bonders who rely on maintained enchantments to protect
the team.  Two Inspiration Magic skills, Mantra of Inscriptions and Mantra of
Signets will allow you to regain energy faster, which will in turn, allow you
to maintain more enchantments, allowing you to protect your team better.

Mo/N          [0MoN0]

Another popular combination due to energy management skills.  Mainly, Offering
of Blood will give you an instant energy burst, while Well of Power will give
you extra energy regeneration allowing you to cast more often.

Another good possibility here is condition management.  A number of monk skills
will draw conditions from your teamates to you.  You can then use Necromancer 
skills such as Plague Signet or Plague Touch to send those gathered condtions
to your enemy so that they have to deal with them instead of you.  This is
particularly effective against disease.

Mo/R          [0MoR0]

Ranger secondaries can use a number of natural rituals to assist them in their
healing.  One example is a combination of Quickening Zephyr and Energizing
Wind to allow them to heal more often due to a smaller recharge time, while
at the same time, costing less energy in the first place.  Symbiosis also
works wonders for monks that use a lot of enchantments to assist in healing.

A ranger secondary can also be used to help manage energy with the right
abilities.  Specifically, Marksman's Wager will allow you to recover energy
each time your hit a target, allowing for a form of regaining energy when
you have time away from healing.

Mo/Rt         [0MoRt0]

In the healing department, there is no better synergy than this.  With
restoration magic and healing prayers, you have an easy and effective way
to keep your team healthy.  With a few spirits, you'll have team wide spells
that will help keep them healthy.

Protection speciallists can also work with Restoration Magic easily.  A number
on Restoration Spirits can provide large area effects that will help cut down
on damage for everyone, allowing you to do more focused protection on allies
getting hit hard.

Mo/W          [0MoW0]

The warrior secondary will allow you to use a number of Tactics abilities
to assist your team.  One of the things you can do would be to use a
variety of shouts to help improve the defense of your team to complement
your Protection Prayers.  Skills such as "Watch Yourself" and "Shields
Up!" are both excelent ways to protect nearby team memebers under attack.

The other possiblity would be to use warrior defensive stances to protect
youself in battle, as you will be a prime target for your foes.  For this
Bonetti's Defense is by far the best by not only protecting you, but
giving yourself energy to work with as well.  However, any of a number
of defensive stances may be a life saver in battle.


Necromancer   [0N0]

The necromancer is a very interesing and powerful class to play as.  The
ability to exploit corpses to cause even more damage has become an extremely
effective weapon, especially with the ability to raise minions.  However,
necromancers also have many skills allowing them to inflict damage directly to
there enemy, often with the added benefit of ignoring armor.

N/A           [0NA0]

Necromancers can finally effiently use their touch skills with the Shadow
Stepping ability.  Now, they can step in, do damage with their touches, and
step out when they start taking too much damage.

Another good combo is to mix the hexes from Deadly Arts with your already
hex heavy Necromancer skills.  Whether you want to trigger Soul Barbs more,
or do more damage from the Deadly Arts themselves, it is a great way to
overload someone with hexes.

N/E           [0NE0]

The secondary elementalist is one solid choice for a secondary minionmancer.
The key to this lies in Glyph of Renewal, which allows you to recharge your
minion healing skills instantly.  This is also effective as you don't have
to put any points into the elementalist attributes to make it effective.

Another good combination is to use elementalist skills to increase the
damage from your necromancer.  Water Magic hexes work well some Necromancer
Curses to inflict good damage, and your shadow damage dealing spells can
also mix with elemental skills for more damage.

N/Me          [0NMe0]

With the mesmer secondary, you can really focus on a hex heavy build to just
degenerate your enemies.  It is especially good with Recurring Insecurity
which will have your enemies facing even more constant degeneration from your
skill bar.

The memser's ability to echo also makes them good at being a minionmancer.
With the ability to copy the minion healing skills, it gives you much
more flexability with how often you can heal your minions outside of

N/Mo          [0NMo0]

This is the most popular build for the minionmancer for a couple of reasons.
First of all, Healing Breeze is a popular way to keep your health high due
to the sacrifical nature of the minion heaing skills.  More importantly,
Heal Area allows you to heal yourself as well as your minions out of battle
as they will form a circle around you.

Without minions, you can use monk prayers in one of two main ways.  The first
would be to use Healing Prayers to help to keep yourself alive when using
high health sacrificing abilities.  The other possibilty would be to use
Smiting Prayers to inflict damage while avoiding health sacrifices altogether.

Idea from Chubbs [HoP]
Necromancers can also assist in healing.  With there Soul Reaping ability,
they have awesome energy managment, not to mention Offering of Blood if nobody
is dying.  While they won't be the most effective, they will be able to spam
heal very easily.

N/R           [0NR0]

The best combination here is to use the combination to inflict a wide range
of status effects on your foes.  Using ranger skills, you can easily poison
or bleed your enemies, which you can then combine with Virulance to force
them to deal with a number of extra conditions, as well as add disease which
will spread quickly.

You can also use some of the ranger's sprits to increase the effectiveness
of your minions.  Winnowing can be used to increase the damage that each
one does, while Fertile Season will increase there health, making it easier
to keep them alive.  Also, Serpent's Quickness can be used to make your
minion healing skills recharge faster as long as you keep your own health

N/Rt          [0NRt0]

The ritualist secondary will give you more damage, and energy management all
in one.  Just lay down a few spirits, and wait for them to die.  You can
use them to do damage while they're living, but when they die, they'll trigger
your Soul Reaping giving you additional energy.

You can also use Restoration Magic to support your minions.  Just set up a
spirit or two to give your minions a little bit more healing will help to take
the pressure off of you to constantly sacrifice to keep them alive.

N/W           [0NW0]

With a warrior secondary, you can play risky, and go for the melee range
instead of the traditional long-range caster.  This will allow you to
take full advantage of a number of necromancer skills that need to be
in "touch" range, as well as the wells that will form at the corpses
of your recently killed enemies.

More traditionally, the Tactics line will help protect and heal you
during combat.  Specifically, Healing Signet is free, and can be
used to counteract health sacrifices.  Other stances can protect you
if you become a target.


Ranger        [0R0]

The ranger can fill a variety of different rolls, making them a kind of team
specialist.  They have the ability to inflict a great amount of physical
damage from a distance with their bows, as well as charm animals for another
source even though beastmasters are very rare, and generally considered
ineffective.  Their natural rituals also can change the very rules of the
game as they have the ability to affect both allies and enemies alike.

R/A           [0RA0]

For very elemental heavy missions, you can grab a pair of daggers and charge
into battle.  Rangers have the best armor against the elements, and their
expertise can help you keep the cost of your attacks down since you won't 
have much in the way of energy management.

With this, you can also make heavy use of Shadow Stepping for trapping.  In
this case, you could easily get in, and start using your traps to cause chaos
in the ranks.  When you start getting targetting, you jump out, wait until
you're not getting attacked anymore, and head back in for more damage.

R/E           [0RE0]

Possibly the best combination for the secondary elementalist would be to
use the conjure abilities to increase the damage of your weapon.  You
can use this stacked with a preperation and an attack, to increase your
damage done to a specific target, or use it with Barrage for higher damage
as your enchantment will not be removed like preperations.

Your other strong option here would be to use elemtalist attacks to supplement
your bow attacks.  You will need to watch your energy in this case, so energy
management skills like Marksman's Wager is a must if you decide to choose this
route.  Glyphs may also be handy for this allowing you to decrease energy
costs for the high damage elementalist skills you may wish to use.

R/Me          [0RMe0]

The mesmer secondary is perfect for trappers that assist the team by laying a
large number of traps for enemies to hit when they charge in.  Using the 
mesmer skill Distoration will allow you to avoid getting hit so that you can
literally lay traps right at the enemy's feet without getting interupted.

The mesmer secondary also works great for a disruption rangers who focus on
stopping powerful enemy spells.  For this, the mesmer ability Arcane
Conundrum can be combined with other ranger and mesmer abilities to give
any ranger a much easier time at disrupting important enemy spells both
to prevent them from damaging you, or from healing their own.

R/Mo          [0RMo0]

As with the elementalist secondary, a monk's Smiting Prayers also make a
good addition to standard bow attacks.  In this case, Judge's Insight can
be used to stack armor penetration onto your normal bow attacks, as well
as Barrage which will not affect the enchantment.

Rangers can also use this with the monk's Healing Prayers to create an
extremely potent self-healing combination.  For this, the enchantment
Vigorous Spirit can be combined with Barrage to cause you to gain a
massive amount of health with each attack.  Each arrow that flies will
trigger Vigorous Spirit which can easy keep you healed in the middle of

R/N           [0RN0]

The necromancer secondary allows you to take full advantage of the conditions
that a ranger can spread with the necromancer providing additional spreading.
As is the same for the N/R, using Virulance with the base conditions that
a ranger can provide will allow you to massively spread conditions throughout
a rank of enemies.

Another combination would be to use a number of necromancer "Touch" skills
as support for when melee combat comes to you.  Since these touches are
skills, they are affected by the ranger's Expertise, allowing you to use
them for cheaper energy cost, while at the same time, doing damage to melee

R/Rt          [0RRt0]

Combine Oath Shot with a bunch of spirits to create an easy to use spirit
spammer.  High expertise will cut down the costs of the spirits, and instead
of waiting for them to recharge, hit an enemy with Oath Shot, to instantly
recharge everything for use again.

On the more usual side, using Weapon's Spells will also help you increase your
damage in battle.  This is even more effective with Duel Shot or Barrage as
the extra is damage adds up as you hit more and more enemies with your shots.

R/W           [0RW0]

Due to the physical nature of both classes, these two match quite nicely.
First of all, rangers can take advantage of a number of warrior skills
that increase physical damage, while still staying out of direct combat.
Most noteable is Frenzy which will allow increased attack speed without
having to worry about receiving extra damage from being in close range
combat with a number of foes.

Rangers also have enough base armor to be able to efficiently use melee
weapons in combat.  Combined with a high expertise to reduce the energy
cost of any melee attacks they may want to use will allow them to be
able to spam a number of energy related skills on enemies.  Just be
careful about health with your slightly weaker armor.


Ritualist     [0Rt0]

Ritualist are kind of like the Ranger in that they offer a lot of versatility
and support to a team.  Using Restoration Magic, they can easily support
the healers or with Channeling Magic, they can support the casters with more
damage.  But by and far, the are most widely know for calling spirits that
do the support.  While expensive, these spirits can quickly be called forth
to add extra damage dealing, or healing allies to the team for their duration.

Rt/A          [0RtA0]

Bring out you urn's, and use Shadow Stepping to get around the battlefield.
Drop damage dealing ones at your enemies followed by getting out, or use it
to help support yourself as you spawn spirits at different places.  Just
remember that you can't carry your urn through a step, and you'll just drop it.

The snares in Deadly Arts can also be effective to keep your enemies near your
spirits.  Just drag them close enough to where your spirits start attacking,
and then keep them there while you and your spirits pound on your enemy.

Rt/E          [0RtE0]

One half of this is just a pure damage dealing combo.  Using Channeling Magic
and other Elementalist spells, you can can deal a large amount of damage out
in a very short time.

You can also use this combo as a great support combo.  Using Restoration Magic
and Earth Magic, create a number of wards and spirits to help support your
team.  Since the wards will also help guard your spirits, it's also a great
way to support your own support spirits since the wards, unlike the spirits, 
cannot be destroyed.

Rt/Me         [0RtMe0]

Much like the E/Me, you can easily use Arcane Echo or Echo to belt out one
of your powerful, but long recharging spells twice in a short time.  If you
use both of the Echo's you can get this up to three times since you can echo
you're echoed spell.

This also can work great as energy management for the high energy Ritualist.
A number of elite and nonelite skills can help keep your energy high with
Inspiration Magic, allowing you to use your normal spells more often.

Rt/Mo         [0RtMo0]

Just like the Mo/Rt, this works great as a healer.  Using spirits to help
support their normal healing skills, Ritualists have a number of low cost
healing skills to keep their allies alive.

You can also combine the two for great damage dealing power using Smiting
Prayers and Communing to deal out a large amount of damage on the enemy.
Using your spirits in combination with armor ignoring holy damage to really
put pressure on your foes.

Rt/N          [0RtN0]

The Necromancer secondary allows you to focus on hexes which Ritualists lack.
Using a combination of these, you can easily hex up an enemy, and then finish
them off with a few direct spells.

You can also help yourself with energy by using Offering of Blood to keep
your energy up.  This will allow you use your spells more since you don't have
your own energy management, and you can easily heal yourself with a little
Restoration Magic.

Rt/R          [0RtR0]

The Ranger secondary allows you to use your bow to assist your in attacking
from a range.  A number of spirits combined with even simple bow attacks
will help you do a large amount of damage to anyone daring enough to come 
within range of your attacks.

You can also use the Ranger's Natural Ritualists to help support yourself and
your team.  With the right spirit combo, you can evil give yourself a boost
while denying it to your allies, such as using Frozen Spirit with Restoration
against enemies that like to ressurect in order to stop them, while providing
a backup for you.

Rt/W          [0RtW0]

One rather different combo for these two is using urns and weapons spells with
the tanking stances of a warrior to get into melee combat.  Using your urns
and weapon spells to inflict damage, you can help protect yourself with a
number of stances during the conflict.

Another good combo is to use the warrior's shouts to help protect yourself,
your teamates, and your spirits at all once.  Not only will this help take
pressure off your monks, but it will also preserve your spirits from enemy


Warrior       [0W0]

Warriors have one really main job, and that is to tank damage the best the can.
The more enemies attack you, the less they are attacking your teamates, and
since you have the best armor, you are much more suited to taking it.
However,you are also one of two that are suited at doing melee damage, and you 
will have the ability to inflict large amounts of damage on the enemy with your
sword, axe, or hammer.

W/A           [0WA0]

First suggestion, use daggers!  Daggers will increase your attack speed, and
you can still use strength to increase armor penetration, allowing you to
increase the amount of damage without it being as conditional as a critical

The most useful thing for Warriors though is the Shadow Step ability.  Use
this to instantly get in and grab aggro of all the enemies instead of having
them run towards you, which may cause them to latch onto a caster and run right
past you.

W/E           [0WE0]

Like the ranger, the warrior can also take advantage of the elementalist's
conjure abilities to increase their damage output.  This works best with faster
weapons such as swords and hammers, and work especially well with abilities
that attack more than one person, such as Hundread Blades for swords or Cyclone
Axe for axes.

Warriors can also make great use of point blank spells that elementalists
generally don't use to stay out of melee range.  Water magic gives warriors
Frozen Burst which is effective at keeping foes from running from your attacks.
Air magic allows warriors to use either Shock or Whirlwind for instant
knockdowns, which will allow hammer warriors to follow up with attacks that do
more damage to knockdowned foes.  Reversing that, warriors can also use Earth
Shaker to knock down all nearby foes, and follow that with Aftershock to
inflict large amounts of damage.

W/Me          [0WMe0]

One effective option would be to use the Mantras of Inspiration Magic to protect
yourself against the type of elemental damage that enemies areinflicting in the
area.  Not only will this offer you extra protection against elemental spells,
but it will also give you a slight boost of energy allowing you to use your
energy costing skills more often.

The other strong possibilty here would be to use Illusion magic to slow down
and disable your enemies.  Casting Sympathetic Visage is a great way to deplete
enemy energy and stopping adrenaline build up, while Imagined Burden and
Ethereal Burden are great ways to slow down enemies fleeing from your attacks.

W/Mo          [0WMo0]

The first and most used possibilty here is self healing.  So, I will make
myself clear by stating right off the bat that MENDING IS NOT AN EFFECTIVE
MEANS OF SELF HEALING!!!!!  It simply cannot keep up with the damage you will
be taking and will be overwhelmed easily.  If you want to keep yourself alive,
skills like Healing Breeze or Healing Hands are much more effective at keeping
your health high.

Another possiblity for damage dealing would be to use Judge's Insight like the
ranger possiblity above.  Other possibilities would be to use Strength of Honor
with adrenal builds, Holy Strike in combination with knockdowns, and Balthazar's
Aura for inflicting damage to a number of enemies.  All these combinations can
significantly increase the damage you do in combat.

W/N           [0WN0]

The necromancer secondary can take full advantage of the necromancer skills as
they will be in close range combat the entire time.  These can be used to either
inflict more damage on your foes, or give yourself a little bit of self healing
with the Vampiric Touch.  These are best used with adreanal builds due to the
high energy cost.  Plague Touch is by far the most noteable with the ability to
remove bothersome conditions like blind or weakness very quickly.

Warriors can also take full advantage of the wells that necromancers can create
as these will often be created near the front lines.  Using a few wells, the
warrior can provide healing to himself, as well as degeneration that your
enemies will have to deal with.

W/R           [0WR0]

Again mixing well due to the fact that they both use physical damage, warriors
can use the ranger's preperations to increase the effectiveness of there base
attacks.  This can include spreading poison to a number of enemies, or just
doing more damage with skills like Kindle Arrows.

Warriors can also use the pet from the Beast Mastery line to increase both
their tanking and damage dealing abilities in frontline combat.  Most
noteable in this combination is the ranger elite skill, Ferocious Strike,
which will not only deal good damage, but give you both adrenaline and energy
to allow you to do more damage with your own melee abilities.


Much like the A/Rt, this allows you to bring your own bomb to the party.
Just carry a damage dealing urn into battle, and drop it on your foes to start
with early damage to everyone nearby.

On the same token, using Weapon Spells is also a great way to increase damage.
Particularly, Brutal Weapon will increase the amount of damage you do, and
since there is no way to remove a weapon spell, you never have to worry about
it being taken off like an enchantment would.


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