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How do I join the Crusade? And other questions about the Crusade!

1.How do I join the Crusade?
2.When I'm joining the Crusade, do all my generals join it or just the ones I use and only those get chivalry and piety?
3.How do I do to initiate a Crusade on what city I want? not just Jerusalem and others that are too far away!
4. (about gameplay) Whats the best gameplay stategy you would recomend?
5.If I have a city what units have free upkeep if are garrisoned? They are infantry and archers or they are just the last 4 recently made units? Or something like that?

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Kkas1995 answered:

1. With an army of 8 or more man (inclouding someone from your family), double click on them, at the page that opens there wil be a ''Join Cursade'' option (lower-right, I think).
2. Only the ones that you make to join the cursade.
3. The ones that are joined cursade will get a HUGE bonus to party speed, so from Spain you can reach Jerusalem in 6-8 turns.
But you can also purpose a cursade to the Pope (in The Pope's window). He will accept it only if you are in good terms with him.
4. Everyone have his own. I like starting with England and going Longbow, or starting with Scotland and killing England in first 20 turns.
5. IDK, but I think that they are the units that are made in corresponding city.
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w0lv3r1n32 answered:

5.A number of militia units are free in cities(depends on how advanced they are)
Kkas1995 answered the rest
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