Question from Shabrouq

Asked: 5 years ago

how to make Princess agents?

How can I get the Princess like agent so i can make it like diploment?

Accepted Answer

From: SpacemanSpif 5 years ago

O.k to do that then select you Princess then bring up the console with the '@ button
with the princess selected type exactly "give_trait this PrettyWoman 3"
thatll give her 3 more charm and make her more fertile.

Repeat "give_trait this" and put in
HumbleWoman 2
PrettyWoman 3
BraveWoman 2
FaithfulWoman 3
UnchasteWoman 2
PassionateWoman 3
EducatedWoman 3
TolerantWoman 3
D(y)keWoman 1 ( I didnt make this up, its actually in the developers code!)
FairWoman 3
GoodPrincess 4
NaturalPrincess 3

This will give her a Grand total of 32 Charm! Pointless really, so just use a couple of them. I suggest thePrettyWoman,BraveWoman, PassionateWoman and FaithfulWoman ones because they offer fertility points aswell as an increased cost to bribe

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Breeding is all I can think of, but when you get one make sure not to marry them off! Dont accept a proposal right away.

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How can I give them trait or retinue to bee more charm?

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