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Are there console cheats for F.E.A.R 2 ? 3
How do I beat (Alma ((interval 05 near elevator)))? 4
  • Total Answered Questions: 2
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FEAR2 and Eyefinity? 0
How do I reopen elevator door in the nurses office level? 0
Savegame problem? 0
How come there is no PDF file for this game? 0
Keegan, I need help I am on easy and can't get past 2'nd time at switch? 0
Help error in loading and start of 1 mission (any fix)? 0
How do I beat Alma in interval 07 after you get off the tram and attempt to get on the elevator? 4
How do I get past (interval 5) after beating alma on the elevator? 4
Laptop good enough to run FEAR 2? 3
How do I get past nurses level? 1
  • Total Open Questions: 17

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