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Dual Wielding as an Assassin. Double Daggers, Sword.. Or Dagger/Sword?

I can't figure out which would be best as for the early level of 10 to increase my proficiency and DPS.

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smokingbandit answered:

I read a little guide to leveling an assassin, It said to do dagger in MH and sword in OH for early levels
Then for later levels it said to just go dual swords, because you can get to the crit cap with mana stones and what not.
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nessonett106 answered:

I can't claim to know all there is on the subject, but i find that dagger / sword works well.

As the offhand weapon has reduced damage, i tend to have the dagger upgraded with att+, phys crit+, and accuracy, while i upgrade the sword with parry+ evasion+, hp/mp+
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Exavior answered:

I hear that they say to do dual daggers early levels for the crit rate, but in much later levels (endgame) you can get max crit rate w/o need for daggers, and then you should roll dualy swords. :D

I personally used dual daggers :)
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Drower answered:

Since daggers are faster than swords, won't mixing them just mean that you waste that speed? So that you have a dagger that is as slow as a sword, but only deals dagger damage.
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Giruet answered:

Dagger MH Sword OH until you hit crit softcap of 440, then you would switch to Sword MH/OH. Reason for this is because daggers have a built in +crit of 150, while swords have +100...but if your OH will not add the crit from the weapon except for manastones that are put into it.

Also, for attack speed, the game will only calculate that through your MH weapon, not your OH. So if you're dagger mh/oh, you're missing out on the increased white damage while attacking with the same speed as people with dagger mh sword oh.
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