• Family member traits

    When in game press the ~ key, and enter the codes (replacing the words character name with your character's name) to give/remove the character trait in the right column.
    NOTE: use quotation marks
    NOTE: space between last " and number is optional

    Abstemiousgive_trait "Character Name" "Sobrity"2
    Abstruse Philosophergive_trait "Character Name" "PhilosophySkill"3
    Aesteticgive_trait "Character Name" "Aesthetic"3
    Agitatorgive_trait "Character Name" "RabbleRouser"1
    Architectgive_trait "Character Name" "ArchitectSkill"2
    Austeregive_trait "Character Name" "Austere"3
    Axebittengive_trait "Character Name" "Berserker"1
    Berserkergive_trait "Character Name" "Berserker"3
    Blessed With Vitalitygive_trait "Character Name" "Energetic"4
    Bravegive_trait "Character Name" "Brave"2
    Bureaucratgive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAdministrator"1
    Casual Adulterergive_trait "Character Name" "Girls"1
    Confident Attackergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAttacker"1
    Confident Commandergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodCommander"1
    Confident in Defensegive_trait "Character Name" "GoodDefender"1
    Connoissergive_trait "Character Name" "Aesthetic"2
    Conquerorgive_trait "Character Name" "VistorRomanVirtue"3
    Conqueroring Herogive_trait "Character Name" "VistorOthersVirtue"3
    Consumate PoliticianPoliticsSkill"give_trait "Character Name" "PoliticsSkill"3
    Demagoguegive_trait "Character Name" "Rabblerouser"4
    Devoutgive_trait "Character Name" "PublicFaith"1
    Distrusts Outsidersgive_trait "Character Name" "Xenophobia"1
    Draughtsmangive_trait "Character Name" "ArchitectSkill"1
    Drillmastergive_trait "Character Name" "Disciplinarian"2
    Energeticgive_trait "Character Name" "Energetic"3
    Epert on Natural Philosophygive_trait "Character Name" "NaturalPhilosophySkill"2
    Epic Poetgive_trait "Character Name" "PoeticSkill"3
    Exceptional Ambushergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAmbusher"3
    Famous Oratorgive_trait "Character Name" "InspiringSpeaker"2
    Famous Vistorgive_trait "Character Name" "VistorOthersVirtue"2
    Famously Courageousgive_trait "Character Name" "Brave"3
    Fluent Speakergive_trait "Character Name" "RhetoricSkill"1
    Fond of Ribald Rymesgive_trait "Character Name" "PoeticSkill"1
    Foul Mouthedgive_trait "Character Name" "Feck"2
    Gate Breakergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodSiegeAttacker"1
    Gate Keepergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodSiegeAttacker"1
    Good Ambushergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAmbusher"1
    Good Attackergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAttacker"2
    Good Commandergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodCommander"2
    Good Defendergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodDefender"2
    Gourmet of Lifegive_trait "Character Name" "Epicurean"1
    Great Architectgive_trait "Character Name" "ArchitectSkill"3
    Great Attackergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAttacker"4
    Great Commandergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodCommander"4
    Great Defendergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodDefender"4
    Great Oratorgive_trait "Character Name" "InspiringSpeaker"3
    Great Vanquishergive_trait "Character Name" "VistorRomanVirtue"2
    Hates Strangersgive_trait "Character Name" "Xenophobia"2
    Heroic Attackergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAttacker"5
    Heroic Defendergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodDefender"5
    Honors the Godsgive_trait "Character Name" "PublicFaith"3
    Insanely Bravegive_trait "Character Name" "Brave"5
    Into the Breachgive_trait "Character Name" "GoodSiegeAttacker"3
    Irredeemably Foul Mouthedgive_trait "Character Name" "Feck"4
    Legendary City Defendergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodSiegeAttacker"4
    Legendary Commandergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodCommander"5
    Legendary Siege Expertgive_trait "Character Name" "GoodSiegeAttacker"4
    Legendary Warlordgive_trait "Character Name" "Warlord"4
    Livelygive_trait "Character Name" "Energetic"1
    Loathes Foreignersgive_trait "Character Name" "Xenophobia"3
    Logistical Expertgive_trait "Character Name" "LogisticalSkill"2
    Logisticiangive_trait "Character Name" "LogisticalSkill"3
    Lover of Beautygive_trait "Character Name" "Aesthetic"1
    Martinetgive_trait "Character Name" "Disciplinarian"3
    Mighty War Chiefgive_trait "Character Name" "Warlord"2
    Natural Philosophergive_trait "Character Name" "NaturalPhilosophySkill"3
    None Shall Passgive_trait "Character Name" "GoodSiegeAttacker"3
    Obessional Trainergive_trait "Character Name" "Disciplinarian"1
    Outstanding Speakergive_trait "Character Name" "InspiringSpeaker"1
    Philisophically inclinedgive_trait "Character Name" "PhilosophySkill"1
    Philosophergive_trait "Character Name" "PhilosophySkill"2
    Poetgive_trait "Character Name" "PoeticSkill"2
    Political Animalgive_trait "Character Name" "PoliticsSkill"1
    Politiciangive_trait "Character Name" "PoliticsSkill"2
    Rabblerousergive_trait "Character Name" "Rabblerouser"3
    Rarified Tastesgive_trait "Character Name" "Epurean"3
    Refined Tastesgive_trait "Character Name" "Epicurean"2
    Religiousgive_trait "Character Name" "PublicFaith"2
    Remove Administraively Ineptgive_trait "Character Name" "BadAdministrator"-2
    Remove Aggressively Perversegive_trait "Character Name" "Arse"-3
    Remove Apician Gluttongive_trait "Character Name" "ApicianRomanVice"-3
    Remove Atheistgive_trait "Character Name" "PublicAtheism"-2
    Remove Blatant Adulterergive_trait "Character Name" "Girls"-2
    Remove Boring Beyond Beliefgive_trait "Character Name" "BoringSpeaker"-3
    Remove Boring Little Titgive_trait "Character Name" "BoringSpeaker"-4
    Remove Boring Speakergive_trait "Character Name" "BoringSpeaker"-2
    Remove Catamitegive_trait "Character Name" "Arse"-2
    Remove Cold Mannergive_trait "Character Name" "Stoic"-2
    Remove Cowers Behind Wallsgive_trait "Character Name" "BadSiegeDefender"-1
    Remove Craven Cowardgive_trait "Character Name" "Coward"-3
    Remove Despises the Godsgive_trait "Character Name" "PublicAtheism"-3
    Remove Dislikes Attacking Wallsgive_trait "Character Name" "BadSiegeAttacker"-1
    Remove Doubtful Couragegive_trait "Character Name" "Coward"-1
    Remove Drunkardgive_trait "Character Name" "Drink"-3
    Remove Drunken Loutgive_trait "Character Name" "Drink"-4
    Remove Faithlessgive_trait "Character Name" "PublicAtheism"-1
    Remove Fascinated by Outsidersgive_trait "Character Name" "Xenophilia"-3
    Remove Gamblergive_trait "Character Name" "Gambling"-2
    Remove Gluttongive_trait "Character Name" "ApicianRomanVice"-2
    Remove Gourmandgive_trait "Character Name" "ApicianRomanVice"-1
    Remove Grotesquely Perversegive_trait "Character Name" "Arse"-4
    Remove Hates the Godsgive_trait "Character Name" "PublicAtheism"-4
    Remove Ignorantgive_trait "Character Name" "Ignorance"-1
    Remove Incompetent Attackergive_trait "Character Name" "BadAttacker"-2
    Remove Incompetent Commandergive_trait "Character Name" "BadCommander"-2
    Remove Incompetent Defendergive_trait "Character Name" "BadDefender"-2
    Remove Indiferent Defendergive_trait "Character Name" "BadDefender"-1
    Remove Indifferent Attackergive_trait "Character Name" "BadAttacker"-1
    Remove Indifferent Commandergive_trait "Character Name" "BadCommander"-1
    Remove Indolentgive_trait "Character Name" "Slothful"-3
    Remove Indolent Lardy Arsegive_trait "Character Name" "Slothful"-4
    Remove Inveterate Gamblergive_trait "Character Name" "Gambling"-3
    Remove Jobsworthgive_trait "Character Name" "BadAdministrator"-1
    Remove Kills With Kindnessgive_trait "Character Name" "BadDisciplinarian"-3
    Remove Lazygive_trait "Character Name" "Slothful"-2
    Remove Liability in Defensegive_trait "Character Name" "BadSiegeDefender"-3
    Remove Likes a Drinkgive_trait "Character Name" "Drink"-2
    Remove likes a fluttergive_trait "Character Name" "Gambling"-1
    Remove Likes Strangersgive_trait "Character Name" "Xenophilia"-2
    Remove Miniongive_trait "Character Name" "Arse"-1
    Remove Morbidly Fearfulgive_trait "Character Name" "Coward"-2
    Remove Paralyticgive_trait "Character Name" "Drink"-6
    Remove Pathetic Ambushergive_trait "Character Name" "BadAmbusher"-3
    Remove Pathetic Attackergive_trait "Character Name" "BadAttacker"-4
    Remove Pathetic Besiegergive_trait "Character Name" "BadSiegeAttacker"-3
    Remove Pathetic Commandergive_trait "Character Name" "BadCommander"-4
    Remove Pathetic Defendergive_trait "Character Name" "BadDefender"-4
    Remove Pathetic Defender of Citiesgive_trait "Character Name" "BadSiegeDefender"-2
    Remove Pig Ignorantgive_trait "Character Name" "Ignorance"-2
    Remove Poor Ambushergive_trait "Character Name" "BadAmbusher"-1
    Remove Poor Attackergive_trait "Character Name" "BadAttacker"-3
    Remove Poor Commandergive_trait "Character Name" "BadCommander"-3
    Remove Poor Defendergive_trait "Character Name" "BadDefender"-3
    Remove Poor Disciplinariangive_trait "Character Name" "BadDisciplinarian"-1
    Remove Rather Lazygive_trait "Character Name" "Slothful"-1
    Remove Restrainedgive_trait "Character Name" "Stoic"-1
    Remove Rotten Ambushergive_trait "Character Name" "BadAmbusher"-2
    Remove Ruled be Feargive_trait "Character Name" "Coward"-4
    Remove Ruled by luckgive_trait "Character Name" "Gambling"-4
    Remove Sexual Predatorgive_trait "Character Name" "Girls"-5
    Remove Sotgive_trait "Character Name" "Drink"-5
    Remove Stoicgive_trait "Character Name" "Stoic"-3
    Remove Stunningly Incompetentgive_trait "Character Name" "BadAdministrator"-3
    Remove Tedious Speakergive_trait "Character Name" "BoringSpeaker"-1
    Remove Too Considerategive_trait "Character Name" "BadDisciplinarian"-2
    Remove Useless Besiegergive_trait "Character Name" "BadSiegeAttacker"-2
    Remove Welcoming to Foreignersgive_trait "Character Name" "Xenophilia"-1
    Remove Willfully Ignorantgive_trait "Character Name" "Ignorance"-3
    Remove Womanisergive_trait "Character Name" "Girls"-3
    Remove Won't Take No for an Answergive_trait "Character Name" "Girls"-4
    Rhetorical Exportgive_trait "Character Name" "RhetoricSkill"3
    Self publicisedgive_trait "Character Name" "IanR"1
    Sheildbitergive_trait "Character Name" "Berserker"2
    Skilled Bureaucratgive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAdministrator"2
    Skilled Debatorgive_trait "Character Name" "RhetoricSkill"2
    Sneaky Ambushergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAmbusher"2
    Sobergive_trait "Character Name" "Sobrity"1
    Social Drinkergive_trait "Character Name" "Drink"1
    Spartangive_trait "Character Name" "Austere"2
    Stategic Expertgive_trait "Character Name" "StrategicSkill"2
    Stategistgive_trait "Character Name" "StrategicSkill"3
    Sterngive_trait "Character Name" "Austere"1
    Strong as Stonegive_trait "Character Name" "GoodSiegeAttacker"2
    Strong Languagegive_trait "Character Name" "Feck"1
    Superb Administratorgive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAdministrator"3
    Superior Attackergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodAttacker"3
    Superior Commandergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodCommander"3
    Superior Defendergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodDefender"3
    Swears Like a Troopergive_trait "Character Name" "Feck"3
    Tactical Expertgive_trait "Character Name" "MathematicsSkill"1
    Tacticiangive_trait "Character Name" "TacticalSkill"2
    Tacticiangive_trait "Character Name" "MathematicsSkill"2
    Teetotalgive_trait "Character Name" "Sobrity"3
    Tub-Thumpergive_trait "Character Name" "Rabblerouser"2
    Understanding of Logisticsgive_trait "Character Name" "LogisticalSkill"1
    Understanding of Mathematicsgive_trait "Character Name" "MathematicsSkill"3
    Understanding of Natural Philosophygive_trait "Character Name" "NaturalPhilosophySkill"1
    Understanding of Strategygive_trait "Character Name" "StrategicSkill"1
    Understanding of Tacticsgive_trait "Character Name" "TacticalSkill"1
    Understanding of Taticsgive_trait "Character Name" "TacticalSkill"3
    Untouched by Feargive_trait "Character Name" "Brave"1
    Utterly Fearlessgive_trait "Character Name" "Brave"4
    Vanquishergive_trait "Character Name" "VistorRomanVirtue"1
    Venerates the Godsgive_trait "Character Name" "PublicFaith"4
    Very Livelygive_trait "Character Name" "Energetic"2
    Vistorgive_trait "Character Name" "VistorOthersVirtue"1
    Wall Breakergive_trait "Character Name" "GoodSiegeAttacker"2
    War Chiefgive_trait "Character Name" "Warlord"1
    Warlordgive_trait "Character Name" "Warlord"3

    Contributed By: fjer.


  • Console Cheats.

    First push the "~" key then enter the following code:

    10 percent cheaper
    Adds population, where Y is the settlement name and X is the amountadd_population Y X
    Attacker or defender automatically wins the next auto resolved battleauto_win attacker/defender
    Complete all buildings in queue in 1 turn.process_cq cityname
    Finished the building queue in the settlementprocess_cq settlement
    process_cq settlementcreate_unit settlement/charactername unit_ID amount exp/armour/weapon
    Receive 40000 denari.add_money 40000
    toggle fog of war on/off.toggle_fow

    Contributed By: Gameonhmck and Nelo_Portgas.

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