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"Jack Keane"

Walkthrough based on version 1.0.1-GER of the game

by The Madman 13h

Version 1.3 from 30-07-2011, file size 36.0 kb

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CONTENTS							       Shortcut

Introduction								[int]
Version									[ver]
Controls								[con]
Chapter I								[c01]
Chapter II								[c02]
Chapter III								[c03]
Chapter IV								[c04]
Chapter V								[c05]
Chapter VI								[c06]
Chapter VII								[c07]
Chapter VIII								[c08]
Chapter IX								[c09]
Chapter X								[c10]
Chapter XI								[c11]
Chapter XII								[c12]
Chapter XIII								[c13]
Unlockables								[unl]

Introduction			PLEASE READ THIS			[int]

What do you get when you take a handful Indiana Jones, mix it with a bottle
Guybrush Threepwood, and add MacGyver's pocket knife for the extra flavor? A
bloody mess, normally, but this time it will be Jack Keane. What's really cool
about this adventure game is that there are a couple riddles with alternative
ways to solve them. You do not see that often enough in this genre.

If you are like me you hate spoilers. This guide is 99% spoiler-free (I can't
stop you from scrolling down and reading names). Feel free to talk to
everybody about everything and examine every single object you can find,
however; I will only tell you what to do to progress the storyline but if you
want to take in all of its details you might want to spend a few extra minutes
and listen to the various people you'll meet.

One IMPORTANT note: This guide is based on the German version. I cannot
guarantee that my translation of objects and locations matches the official
English release. I hope, however, that your own and my vocabulary are large
enough to make you understand what I mean.

When I just say "cut..." I mean to use Jack's knife on the respective object;
when I just say "shoot..." use Amanda's rifle.

Parts of the guide are put in brackets. Theses parts refer to unlockables only
and will not progress the main story in any way.

Version									[ver]

1.3 from 30-07-2011, file size 36.0 kb
Removed e-mail address

1.2 from 07-27-08, file size 36.4 kb
Added a possible workaround for the invisible tool box.

1.1 from 08-25-07, file size 35.7 kb:
Fixed the formatting.

1.0 from 08-23-07, file size 35.4 kb:
Uploaded the complete guide.

Controls								[con]

Use left-click to examine objects or people. Interaction with items, including
using them on other items or people, is done with the right mouse button. You
can speed up everything by double-clicking, e.g. you want to use item x on
person y, just right-click the item in your inventory on the top of the screen,
then double-click on person y to make Jack run up to person y and use item x.
This also speeds up Jack's movement.

After completing the second Ankh game the guys at Deck 13 have obviously played
The Secret Files: Tunguska and enjoyed it much, so much in fact that they took
Tunguska's help feature and put it into Jack Keane:
Press the x-button to show all things on the screen that Jack can interact
with, be it entering a new section, picking something up or whatever. Some of
you might consider this cheating so use at your own discretion.

Chapter I								[c01]

Insult the baddies not once but twice. Take Jack's knife. After that take the
broom. Release the knot on the elevator. Pick up the cloth. Use the broom with
the barrel. Go to the far right and wet the cloth by using it on the bucket. Go
left a little and climb down. Use the broom to clean the bird dung. Climb down
once again. Go to the left and take the sandbag. Throw it down on one of the
bad guys. Go to the right and regain Jack's knife. Climb up twice. Go to the
elevator and cut the security cord.

Chapter II								[c02]

Walk to the left and enter the Adventure shop. Open the curtain on the left
(this can be done up to three times if you like to see that sexy black bra).
Talk to the newly arrived adventure: Make him prove everything he says until
you get some rum. Leave the shop and give the rum to your crew. Now Jack can
open his secret money storage. Now it's time to talk to that strange Mexican.
After that talk to Amanda. Give the plank to Captain Cookster. Take the pipe on
the barrel to his right. Enter the shop. With your 30 shillings Jack can only
buy three of four possible items. Buy any three of them and don't be afraid to
miss out on something: The missing item will be replaced by an alternative
solution once you need it. Leave the shop again. Climb up the boxes to the
right twice, then go all the way left on the ledge. Jump down. Use the pipe on
the wasps in the window so you can safely take the cereals bowl.

(Optional: Jump down once more. Pick up the three green tea tins. Stack them
onto the other three to form a pyramid. This unlocks your first bonus.)

Climb back up, walk to the right and get down to the pier. Go back to the
Charming Princess and descend the stairs to the right. Use the bowl on the
water in the boat. Use Amanda's letter on the bowl and put the stamp onto the
secret package. Throw the package into the post box in the Adventure shop. Find
Jack's crew to the right of the shop and mention the fat reward to get them
back to work. List all three items Jack bought plus his razor-sharp mind. Leave

Chapter III								[c03]

(Optional: Take the starfish. This is the first of five. Gathering all five
will get you the second unlockable.)

Take the piggybank in the form of an elephant. Ask Montgomery for help. Then
enter the cave next to the bush. Pick up the old musket and examine (a.k.a.
use) it. Put the gun powder into the elephant. Combine your new bomb with the
fuse to make it perfect. (Take the starfish.) Cut your way through the
vegetation and leave the cave. (Pick up two starfish on the edges of the
cliff.) Climb up to the stairs and ascend them. Put the bomb into the crevice.
If you bought the lighter, do the obvious and ignite the bomb. Otherwise use
the knife on the compass to get a lens. Use the lens to light the bomb. Jump
over the abyss. Walk over the boards and cut the rig. Go back down to the cave
without entering it. Instead, cross the catwalk to the right. Take the fishing
rod and the huge timber worm (and the duffel bag you'll need for a bonus
later). Equip the fishing rod with the cord and "arm" it with the worm - time
to catch some. Cross the cave and go to the far left. Use the fishing rod to
get the swimming plank. Use the plank on the pillar next to Montgomery. 
up the rock and jump onto the plank. Talk to Montgomery to make him jump
ad of Jack.

Take the wedge and the prayer wheel. Go up the stairs. Pick up BollyGlo and
continue left. Take both parts of a stone head to the left and right of the
temple door. Go left. Take the hook (and the starfish). Unlock the temple
door with the hook. Pick up the hot spices and the brooch to the left. Leave
the temple and go left. Either use the lubricant you bought in Capetown on the
winch or open the BollyGlo with the scissors and then grease the winch with it.
Activate the winch and climb down the rope. Take the third part of a stone head
and torment the oysters with the spices. Combine the pearl with the brooch. Go
all the way back to the treasure chest. Put two stone head pieces into the
chest, then have a chat with Monty. Tell him to strip, then put the last piece
into the chest. Ask Shari for help, to be precise for the liana. Take the
liana. Enter the temple, go left and use the liana on the flagpole.

Chapter IV								[c04]

Enter the jungle, then the path to the village. Climb up to the shrine to the
right and pick up the used joss stick. Continue along the path to the village.
Talk to the British guards and try to convince them that Jack is a Briton.
Enter the Punjab Inn, the left-most house. Ring the bell. Ask the hotelier
about the room Montgomery has reserved for Jack, about the star, the fireplace,
and last but not least whether you can get a glass of water. Put out the flames
with the water. Now quickly exchange the positions of the cleanser and the
turpentine on the trolley. Soil that shiny golden star with the sooty joss
stick. Pick up the star and blackmail the hotelier: The star for the key to
Montgomery's room. Storm the stairs and unlock room no. 7. Enter (if you
picked up the duffel bag a few minutes ago, entering the room will unlock
another bonus). Take the secret package and open it, as well a the red sock
lying on the floor. Leave the hotel. Show Montgomery's id to the guards and
answer their questions: 1. crows; 2. most important is to have a "train". Pass
the elephant and head for the market place.

Take the flyer, then talk to Rupia about real estate. Show her the deed.
Go to the left, then down where Shari is standing. Cross the catwalk. Open
the door to the green hut with the key, (then enter the swamp a little to the
north. Pick up the candle standing there,) then report back to Rupia: Tell her
about Jack's house lying in ruins. Leave the market place and go to Pandu
next to the guards. Ask him about the incident that led to the guards sacking
his license, then ask the guards about the elephant. Pay ten pounds to the
guards. Re-enter the market place and talk to Louise about Pandu. Finally
suggest she speaks to the guards.

(AFAIK this is enough for Pandu to get free. However, if you are hunting
unlockables you have to clear him from all three accusations. So here goes:
Ask Louise about her granddaughter and make her give Jack the jam. Give the
jam to Shari. Put the candle into the empty jar, then cover it with the red
sock. Use this improvised backlight with the broken one on the elephant.)

Aks the guards about the elephant, then tell Pandu to bring Jack to the

Take the tools from the box to the right of the elephant.

(Note: This box was invisible to me every time I played the game, both in
version 1.0.0 and 1.0.1; Karen P. e-mailed me that it might help to leave
the screen to the left, walk aournd there, and eventually return as seen
in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXnqBtHKi3A&feature=PlayList
&p=7075EB5D7D3AE2CA&index=7 at 03:05. I haven't tested it yet as the game
is currently not installed on my machine. Everyone who has trouble findeing
the box might want to consult that video and fast forward to 03:24 for the
exact location of the box.)

Assemble the spade. Go left and get up the big green root. Follow the root
to the right. Climb up two times. Pick up the nut, then enter the stone arm.
Go right, behind the waterfall. Go down and take the piece of wood, then go
up and pick up the screwdriver in front of the electrical fence. Go back
to the statue and put the nut into its mouth. Use the wooden handle with the
hole near the left ear. Climb up twice and enter. Use the screwdriver to
release the gate, then put it into Jack's inventory. Go back to where you got
the nut. Throw the grate down onto the anaconda's nest, trapping the beast.
Now Jack can go down to the lake and cross it via the root. Go left and cut
the liana, then proceed to the left. Enter the elephant shrine and pull the
lever. Use your knife on the vegetation to the left and head through the
hole. Go up the path. Tie up the carnivorous plant with the liana, then dig
it up with the spade. Go back to the statues mouth. Pick up the lower half
of the nut and use it as a flower pot for your new green friend. Go to the
hut with the monkey. Throw the plant onto the veranda, then free it from the
liana with the knife. At last, ring the bell with the help from the ankus.
Go to the not so electrical fence and climb over it.

Chapter V								[c05]

Go to the lookout platform on the right. Go left and shoot the rope with
Amanda's rifle. Follow the path down until you reach Pandu. Tell him where his
English patient is. Enter the village. Shoot the clothesline and pick up the
stockings and the umbrella. Combine the stockings with the rifle and give the
umbrella to Pandu as a replacement for his missing ankus. Go back to the
lookout. Use the ankh-shaped bottle opener on the socket on which the telescope
is mounted. Upgrade the rifle with the telescope, then mount it on the socket.
Time for some shooting. Hit a vase, then the hanging pot and finally the wedge.
Before you enter the now abandoned Punjab Inn, get a new joss stick from the
shrine. In the hotel take the turpentine and the letter from the counter which
you want to open. Light the joss stick at the fireplace, then ascend the stairs
and enter Jack's room. Fill the empty oil lamp with turpentine and ignite it.
Decipher the letter with the help of the oil lamp. Leave the message for Jack
on the table and get out.

Chapter VI								[c06]

Go right to the lookout platform. Follow the path to the left and down. Climb
up the statue until you see someone hanging around where you picked the nut.
Speak to him, then cut his backpack. Hop down to the lake and talk to Murphy
again. Now go to the village and into Jack's room. Take the message from the
table and pull the three nails out of the wall. Leave the hotel and pick up the
piece of tar. Talk to the guards about November 1871 and examine the chronicle.
Ask the red guys about the missing pages. Enter the market and ask Louise about
the missing pages. Say you do not believe her. Read the missing pages. Leave
the market place and talk to Murphy about the botany station 1. Take the pane
from the cage behind Murphy. Now visit Jack's green hut and check the boat
there. Enter the supermarket on the left side of the village. The shop owner
will make Jack an offer ha cannot resist. However, you will only get either the
hammer or the paint-brush - your choice.

1. Repairing the boat with the hammer:
   Go to the butcher on the far left side of the market place. Ask for food and
   admit that it is for Luigi. Go to the guards and climb down o the catwalk to
   their right. Feed the sausages to the evil fish. Bring the fresh fish to Mr.
   Gopesh and take the hammer from the shelf. Go to the boat and repair it with

2. Repairing the boat with the paint-brush:
   When asked whether Jack understands the meaning of "emphatically", reply:
   "ask politely?" Go to Rupia and ask her "emphatically": "give me Loretta!";
   stop her from badmouthing the boss. Go to Jack's green hut. Unlock the trap
   door with the key. Take "Loretta" to Mr. Gopesh and fetch the paint-brush
   lying on the shelf. Go to Murphy and climb the rock behind him. Walk all the
   way left. Climb up the chimney and throw the tar into it. Hop down and pick
   up the cauldron with tar. Repair the boat using the paint-brush.

(Now that you have repaired the boat you can still get the other tool by doing
the second task from Mr. Gopesh. Do so and fix the boat with the other tool for
the bonus.)

Cast off.

Ask Murphy whether he can help. Cut the fern, then venture north. Follow the
path. Take the cartwheel, the car-jack, and earth from the fresh pile.

(Another unlockable awaits those who slaughter all seven pumpkins. Happy

Continue along the path, taking the green funnel with you. At the greenhouse go
left and take the gardening book and the flower box. Combine the fern with the
cartwheel and put that onto the pole. Now go to the right side of the
greenhouse, crossing the bridge and entering the elevator to the hangar. Open
the valve and don't forget the tools lying right next to it. Leave and go to
the broken pipe. Climb up and use the tools on the right end of the pipe. Use
it afterwards. Put the funnel into the left end of the pipe, et voila. Now you
can try to open the greenhouse. Grease the car-jack with the salad oil, then
use it to open the gate for you to enter. Pick up the fertilizer. Cut away the
twines blocking the entrance to the lab. Open both chests and take their
respective contents. Put the flower box onto the table, then fill it with
earth. The fertilizer belongs into the mixer, both kinds of seeds into the
flower box. Open the tab and watch what happens. Take the mutated plant and
leave the lab. Go to the right section of the greenhouse. Let your hungry
friend eat the twines covering the safe. Do you remember the scene back in
chapter 1 where Jack regained his knife from the crow's nest? No? Thought so.
Anyway, use your knife to open the safe. A-ha. Leave the greenhouse. Ask
Murphy whether Jack was born here and what to do with Emerald 13. Enter the
elevator and board the container to Calcutta.

Chapter VII								[c07]

Go to the left and then into the foreground. Take both pompons and combine
them. The apes won't need their punch cards anymore, so get them both. Don't
forget the box with balloons and the sticky tape. Pull the lever to the right.
To crack open the box, put it into the crevice of the platform, then pull the
lever again. Pick up the balloon. Go to the container and shoot the rusty
valve. Use the balloon with the escaping helium before opening the container.
Put both punch cards into small slots on the container, near where the chains
are attached. Shoot out all five red lights. Step onto the green x-mark and
do the cheerleader a.k.a. use the pompons. Enter the now open chute that was
previously blocked by the container.

Chapter VIII								[c08]

Swallow the red seed (use it on good looking hero). Pick up the wick and use it
on the glass at 1 o'clock so Jack can see the balcony below him. Enter the
balcony with force. Go to the right and have a short chat with the little man.
Ask him for help. Pick up the help in the form of a belt. Walk to the left and
use the belt on the flagpole. Afterwards use the belt. (Go right, pick up the
purple cup, then go left and get the silver one.) Enter the nearby door. Take
the pole looking like a huge match in the background. (Take the silver-blue cup
on the right. All three cups want to be placed onto the pedestals next to the
door. AFAIK the order does not matter.) Cut the glass with that diamond ring of
Jack's. Take the dipnet and tease the pelican outside of the lighthouse with
that. Pick up the can. The can wants to be put to use by opening the Gordian
Knot that holds the ladder. Use the ladder and pick up the basket. Open it. Use
the dynamite (which is not a very sporty way to fish IMHO) on the trap door.
Light the match on the flames eating the staircase and ignite the dynamite.
Leave the place via the trap door. Talk to the little man in the left corner,
then walk the road into the unknown.

Chapter IX								[c09]

Cross the bridge to the right. Enter the temple. Talk to the priest, then go
left. Climb up. You now have two options to solve the task: Either hit space or
wait 20 or so seconds. Climb down and then up the statue. You want to rob it of
the flute, the parasol, and the cricket bat. Enter the tunnel to the left. Take
the all three pipes: The dirty, the dented, and the rusty. Get your next
objective from the priest. Use the rusty pipe on the worn valve to the left of
the main valve, then use the dented pipe with the tattered valve to the right
of the big one. Go left. The flute perfectly fits into the opening next to the
scratched valve. Walk to the far right side of the room. The last pipe has to
be connected to the tap of the huge barrel, while the parasol finds its destiny
on the revolving barrel.

You now have two options again: 

1. Open both valves next to the main valve. Open both valves next to the
   tunnel entrance.

2. Beat up the main valve with the bat.

Go through the big tree trunk and enter the cave. Pick up the torch hanging on
the wall. Pick up a bottle from the left pile and use it on the web. Looks like
Spider-Man has a drinking problem. Go along the path to the left until you
cannot go any further. Examine the stalactite not one, not two, but six times.
Now you can safely jump over the ledge. Continue on the path. Take the liquor
barrel and the anti-vampire set before venturing forth. Take the second liquor
barrel. Go back to the big spider. Use both barrels on both webs. Climb up to
shopping cart and release it with your last shilling. Jump down and pick up the
rest of the barrels. Use it with the anti-vampire set. Climb up again and take
the cart with you. Use the cart with the holy tiger and then put the heads onto
it. "Meow", and you're done.

(Pick up the Major Bug below from beneath the tree trunk.)

Go right, then left over the bridge into the temple. Open the door on the left
which leads to the throne room. Talk to the little man. Leave through the left
door, then through the right one leading to the village. Walk right, then left.
Unlock the door and cross the swamp.

(Go to the street and give the Major Bug to the guards.)

On the market place pay Rupia a visit. Show her your newly acquired
certificate. Talk to Mr. Gopesh about the bridegroom. Afterwards speak to
Louise: "restore Vincent"; insist; "not too detailed; burning the Kela Tara."
go right to the pagoda and down to the lower village. Visit the butcher and
give him the flyer and make him confess that he is a hobby poem. Tell him how
you admire his hobby and will keep it secret. Ask him about the Kela Tara.
Cross the swamp and enter the temple. Go to the entrance and give the priest
behind the counter the proxy. Head back to the upper village. Take the right
stairs and shake the coconut from the palm tree. Pick up the halves. Enter
the tower. Take the bandage lying next to Vincent. Combine it with the
coconut halves. Go to the pagoda again but do not go down to the market place
but instead enter the door to the right. Give both the improvised earmuffs
and the Kela Tara to Shari.

Pick up the cup Mr. Gopesh left on the table and the wedding dress lying by
the left stairs. Ascend the right stairs and enter the drugstore. Talk to the
apothecary, then leave. Go left, through the tower, and enter the porch.
Rupia wants Gopesh's cup. After she left, you can nab the rare flower. It will
slip from jack's hands but can be picked up if you go down to Vincent. Give
the flower to the apothecary and demand a reward in the form of the love
potion. Put on the wedding dress and give the potion to Vincent. After this
embarrassing incident go back to the drugstore and change clothes again (use
the dress). Leave and go downstairs. Ask Murphy whether he has got any ides.
Take the frying pan from his backpack. Go to Shari and smack her with the pan.

Leave the throne room. Enter the lab on the right side, next to the path
leading to the swamp and village. Take the following, either from the floor
or the shelf: A book of fairy tales, a jack-in-the-box, a lasso, three
building bricks (you have to open the cupboard for the third one), a locked
box, and two bars from the playpen. Put the box under the rocking horse's
foot and use the horse. Pick up the box. Now go to the right and climb up
to the table. Take the toy rifle. Use both bars on the coat rack, then put
the book above them. Climb up twice. Take the pirate ship. Now combine the
lasso with the pacifier with the toy rifle the ship. Shoot the chandelier
with the rifle and use the ship. Get down to the floor. Stack all three
building bricks and the jack-in-the-box on the stool below the window. Climb
up, cut the rope and escape through the window.

Chapter X								[c10]

Shoot the clay pigeon. Enter the gallery and go down the stairs. Take the
medkit and return to the porch. Place the medkit and pretend it were the clay
pigeon, come to life again. Err, shoot it, will ya? Take the contents from the
medkit, then leave again. Go around the gallery to the far right corner where
the grandfather clock is standing. Use Jack's knife to get a hand from the
clock. Enter Amanda's room at the other end of the corridor. Lockpick the left
door of the cupboard with the hand. Open it, then leave. Speak to Mrs.
Thatcherby about her duty to clean and serving cold drinks. Order a drink.
Try to enter the door to Dr. T.'s office. Go to the porch and take fresh earth.
Mix it with the lemonade. Go to the gorilla in the main hall. Schmear the muddy
lemonade on its feet. Talk to the simian. Enter T.'s office. Take the picture
of the gorilla. Doesn't it share similarities with Mrs. Thatcherby? Right you
are, so leave and go left. Exchange the gorilla painting with the one from the
old hag and squeal on the gorilla right away. Mrs. Thatcherby will not be
amused. Take the empty bucket and fill it using the water tap on the left side
of the porch. Put out the fire in the main hall with the water and take the
coals. Be creative, use the coals on Mrs. Thatcherby's painting. Tell her
somebody messed up the pictures again. Enter Dr. T.'s office. Take the classic
lp from the shelf with all the records. Go left and open the globe. Take the
Ouzo. use the lp with the gramophone. Now be quick: Use the crank of the
gramophone, then run to the carnivorous plant and pour the good stuff, the
Ouzo into its flower pot. 

Now you have got two options:

1. Use the stethoscope on the safe door.
2. Go to the main hall and right to the entrance. Climb up the right side of
   the shelf twice. Take the handkerchief. Give it to the gorilla which is
   in Amanda's room right now. Tell him you are looking for the truth.
   Remember the movements from the gorilla's perspective (right, left, left,
   right). Use this combination on the wheels on the safe door.

Open the safe door. Take the files.

(Just a note for the following cutscene: In the German version Jack is dubbed
by the voice actor of Johnny Depp. You can't imagine how funny it is to hear a
drunken captain Jack again... at least somehow :-).)

Chapter XI								[c11]

Go right along the ledge. Use the water tap, then sneak into the gallery. Ring
the bell at the fireplace. Ascend the stairs to the left. Enter Amanda's room.
Now get into the room with the three skulls. Use the sunblind, then jump out
through the window. Enter Amanda's room again. Open the drawer of the cupboard
first, then the left door. Leave

Once more you can solve the upcoming riddle using alternative methods:

1. Head down. Pick up the thread lying in front of the steps. Go to the main
   entrance. Take the note from the bulletin board. Combine the magnet with the
   thread. Use the magnet to fish the knife from out of the grandfather clock.

2. Enter the porch. Pick up the saw next to the left bench. Return to the main
   entrance. Climb up the left side of the shelf twice. Use the saw on the
   loose floorboard. Pick up the knife.

Enter the porch once again. Sneak to the ledge and all the way left to Amanda's
room. Take the umbrella with you. You can use it now to grab the key from the
seat next to Dr. T. Go to the room with the gorilla. Take the gorilla statue
and the headache tablets from the shelf. Leave and unlock the door to Dr. T.'s
office with the key ring. enter and go around the desk to the left. Pick up the
pen. Open all drawers with the key and take their contents. Use the three heads
on the corresponding figurines on the desk. Leave for the porch. Pick up the
watering can and fill it on the water tap. Dissolve the pills in the water.
Pour the water into the carnivorous plant's flower pot. Feed it the gorilla.
Put the gorilla head onto the figurine of Dr. T. Use all four heads once. Cut
the telephone's power line. Manipulate the letter of cancelation using the pen,
then give it to Mrs. Thatcherby. Leave the office. Tell Dr. T. that you foiled
his plans and to the gorilla that you two understand, right?

Climb up. Cut both gas tanks and hop down. Open the right storage space to get
the contents. Open the engine hood, then climb up again. Take the aviator suit
and violate it with Jack's knife. Use the tube on the engine and fill it with
fuel. Take the broken bar to Jack's right. Throw it onto the monkey, then pull
the rip cord of the monkey's parachute. Get the screwdriver. Use the telephone
cord on the pitch elevator, then the screwdriver on the undercarriage. Finally
use the bar on the pitch elevator.

Chapter XII								[c12]

"We have to stop the doctor; what if he already...?" Go to the left and pay the
killer plants a visit. Don't stay for too long; pick up the carcass instead. Go
right again, then to the left, following the lakeshore. Talk to Vincent:
"err... well; old friends". Head back to the crossing and take the lower path
this time. Cross the wrecked plane and follow the path to the balloon wreckage.
Pick up the bamboo pole, then use the crate of beer. Go back to the crashed
plane. Stick the pole under its rear end and use the pole afterwards. Put the
carcass onto the dry river bed (the patch of grass). Put the beer into the
carcass and use the pole again. Take the cold beer and give it to Montgomery:
"enough; no more jokes; no; I'll see what I can do". Talk to the deserted
monkey sitting on the palm tree. "Are you the one from the bicycle hut; the
plant was a misunderstanding; let's be friends". Take the coconut. Backtrack
to the wrecked plane. Vut the tree with the comb and pick up the hollow branch.
Go around the lake shore, passing the balloon.

(Cut away the vegetation next to the bridge. Take the signpost stone.)

Enter the bridge. Use the branch on the rock, then the belt on the crown-shaped
formation. Use the coconut on the belt.

Go back to the bridge. Head a little to the right, then take that entrance.
Grab the crank.

(Use the signpost stone on the signpost for the last bonus.)

Go to the rubber tree and cut it. Follow the path to the right and ask the
high priest for help. Uee the bone form on the rubber pouring out of the rubber
tree. These fake bones are just what the three killer plants need so give'em to
them. You can now safely pass them. Use the crank on the right keyhole. Go back
to Amanda and tell her that her technical knowledge is needed to open a door.
Climb the rock to the left and enter the hatch. "If you knew..."

Take the teapot and the cane. Tea is nasty near keyboards, so pour it onto the
loose wires. The cane will help you open the steel door hatch. Enter the
bridge, then the upper platform. Grab the door knob. Walk into the door to the
right. "What do we do now; I'll take a look around." Take the brake shoe and
leave. Open the hatch with Jack's knife. Unplug the burnt through fuse and put
in the brake shoe. Enter the right door again. Walk to the barracks. Take the
spindle from the second bed. Open the right-most locker and nab the
coat-hanger. Combine it with the spindle. Press the yellow button on the
console to the left. Follow Amanda, then give her the coat-hanger. Use the

Chapter XIII								[c13]

Go left and take the hawser and the paddle. Enter the cabin door you just
passed. Take the horseshoe from the wall and throw it into the oven. Pick
up the corkscrew and open the mini bar with its help. Pick up the bucket. Use
the paddle to get the horseshoe out of the fire, then cool it with the ice in
the bucket. Combine the horseshoe with the hawser to get an improvised
grappling hook. Go back to Amanda and use the grapple on the steering wheel.

Climb up and use the steering wheel. Open the bag with the signal rockets with
the knife. Pick up the rockets and give them to Amanda. Jump right twice. Climb
the figure head. Take the arm and get back to Amanda. Use the arm on the broken
door on the left rail. Jump right twice and climb up that plank at the right
rail. Jump to the rope and cut it.

Unlockables								[unl]

Jack Keane introduces bonus items to the adventure genre. These are items that
you do not need to solve riddles but solely to get bonus stuff that you can
access via the game's main menu. Some of them you just have to collect, others
want to be brought to use. Other unlockables are progress-based: You get them
when Jack reaches a certain point in the game.

How to unlock the extras:

Chapter 02: Take all three tea tins and stack them onto other the tins
Chapter 03: 1. Find all five starfish
	   2. Pick up Jack's duffel bag and enter hotel room no. 7
Chapter 04: Free Pandu of all three accusations
Chapter 06: 1. Repair boat with hammer and paint-brush
	   2. Slash all seven pumpkins
Chapter 08: Gather all three cups and put them on pedestals
Chapter 09: Find Major Bug and give it to British guards
Chapter 12: Assemble signpost

Unlockables are figurines for the wax works and a historic mode.

The extras are unlocked in a certain order so if you only find four starfish,
for example, you will not miss the bonus they would have unlocked but the
very last one. The bonus for finding all the starfish will be unlocked by
the next task, in this case finding the duffel bag and taking it to room
no. 7.

After you have gathered five unlockables the historic mode will be unlocked.
Activating it will give the game a sepia color scheme.