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The Transmission Received Achievement.



1. Legal Mumbo Jumbo                                                    [P01]
2. Introduction                                                         [P02]
3. Contact Information                                                  [P03]
4. The Walkthrough
        a. Testchamber 00                                               [P04]
        b. Testchamber 01                                               [P05]
        c. Testchamber 02                                               [P06]
        d. Testchamber 03                                               [P07]
        e. Testchamber 04                                               [P08]
        f. Testchamber 05                                               [P09]
        g. Testchamger 06                                               [P10]
        h. Testchamber 07                                               [P11]
        i. Testchamber 08                                               [P12]
        j. Testchamber 09                                               [P13]
        k. Testchamber 10                                               [P14]
        l. Testchamber 11                                               [P15]
        m. Testchamber 12                                               [P16]
        n. Testchamber 13                                               [P17]
        o. Testchamber 14                                               [P18]
        p. Testchamber 15
                i. Radio 1                                              [P19]
                ii. Radio 2                                             [P20]
        q. Testchamber 16                                               [P21]
        r. Testchamber 17                                               [P22]
        s. Testchamber 18
                i. Radio 1                                              [P23]
                ii. Radio 2                                             [P24]
                iii. Radio 3                                            [P25]
       t. Testchamber 19
                i. Radio 1                                              [P26]
                ii. Radio 2                                             [P27]
                iii. Radio 3                                            [P28]
                iv. Radio 4                                             [P29]
5. Thanks                                                               [P30]
6. Version History                                                      [P31]
Legal Mumbo Jumbo                                                       [P01]

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Introduction                                                            [P02]

Hey guys. This is YYugi51 here with another guide for you. This time, it's an
achievement that's been bugging me for a while now, and after reading the
board and answers sections, I've learned that this is a fairly recently added
achievement to the game, one which nobody's covered yet. So here I am, writing
this guide to help out anyone who's stuck.

A notice: This guide is NOT a level walkthrough. If you need gameplay help
outside of finding the radios, there are many other guides out there which
are better suited to helping out there.

If you wish to skip to a particular section of the guide, Aperture Science
recommends you hold down the Ctrl key and hit F, then type in the code to
the right of the section in the table of contents you wish to go to.
Contact Information                                                     [P03]

If you wish to contact me, drop a line at with Portal
in the subject line and I will respond as soon as possible. I'm on my e-mail
almost 24/7, so you should get a response within 48 hours at the latest.

Please do not send me hate mail. Nobody likes getting hate mail, and I will
blacklist your address should you decide to do so.
The Walkthrough

Okay, time to get started. I will list the radio location first, then the
location that plays the mysterious messages. I do not know morse code, so if
someone wants to help me out with that, it would be greatly appreciated, as
quite a few of these transmissions use morse code to transmit these messages.
In levels with multiple radios, they will be broken down in the order you find
the radio.

The quicksave key is F6. Use it. Use it often.

It should be noted that you may have to beat the game at least once to even
start this achievement, so if you have not yet done so, please beat the game

Testchamber 00                                                          [P04]

If you can't find the radio here, you aren't looking very hard. It's in the
very room you start in, and it's playing some music. Pick this up, then wait
for the testing to begin. Take the radio to the only button in the chamber to
hear morse code. The achievement is now 1/26 done.

Testchamber 01                                                          [P05]

When the chamber information screen lights up, you'll immediately hear this
one. Walk to the edge of the floor you're on and turn to the right. You should
see this radio on top of a security camera. Walk to the wall with half your
body hanging over the edge of the floor and grab this radio. (You could try to
jump and grab it, but you won't have a second chance with this one without
quicksaving first.) Drop down, leave it in the main room, and complete the
puzzle as you normally would. When the exit is open, while in the main room,
locate and take the radio to the exit. The sounds of progress will happen as
you approach the exit. 2 down.

Testchamber 02                                                          [P06]

You should hear this radio when the elevator opens. While GLaDOS speaks, look
out the window. You should see the radio. Get the ASHPD (blue), use it to get
on the same platform as the orange (it's orange on my computer, I'm calling it
orange) portal, fire a portal over the radio, then go through the orange
portal to drop down in front of it. Take it to where the ASHPD was for more

Testchamber 03                                                          [P07]

The radio is at the end of the level, with another security camera. Easy way
to get this one is to destroy the camera, sending both to the ground. The hard
part of this one is getting the transmission, though someone who calls himself
Mike submitted a screenshot to me showing where you should put the portal for
it. Copy and paste the link below in a new tab or window to see where to shoot,
then just slide the radio through the orange portal and you'll get it.
Testchamber 04                                                          [P08]

This one isn't hard at all. The radio drops with the cube. Grab it and return
to the elevator. It'll go green before you reach the elevator and play some
morse code. 

Testchamber 05                                                          [P09]

Note: While doing this one, do not leave the first room with the two buttons.
Doing so will cause you to miss this one.

Solve the puzzle as normal. The radio should be in plain sight when the door
opens. Shoot a portal under it, then go up to the platform it fell on and grab
it. Take it to the pit where one of the cubes was for your 6th radio. Not too
bad, as long as you remember not to leave that first room.

Testchamber 06                                                          [P10]

Look up as soon as you can see the energy ball shooter. You should see the
radio on the ledge where you can't get to it yet. Solve the energy ball puzzle
before making a grab for the radio. If you place the portal right, you don't
even have to drop through the portal to grab it, just crouch by it and snag it
through the portal. Take it to the lift to get progress. We're now over 1/4
done with this achievement. Yay! ^^

Testchamber 07                                                          [P11]

Radio's under the staircase you walk down from the start. Crawl under it, and
you'll see it by the back wall. You'll get the green light if you carry this
to the exit.

Testchamber 08                                                          [P12]

Oh, this is a fun one. [/sarcasm] Okay, get on the same ledge as the orange
portal and crouch so your head isn't lobbed off by an energy ball. Look at the
moving platform... or rather, underneath it. You should see the radio on a
partition underneath it. Shoot a portal there, then make a grab for it. If you
shot too low to grab it while crouching, you can try to aim higher or risk
standing up to make a grab for it. Either way, once you have the radio, it's a
simple task of taking it back to the entrance. It'll go green when you pass
the level sign. Still have 18 more to find, so on to the next chamber.

Testchamber 09                                                          [P13]

At least this one isn't over sludge of death. You know that small hole that
the cube can barely fit in if you time it right? Radio's sitting on top of
the ledge there. Shoot a portal on the ceiling right in front of it, then
hit your Quicksave key (F6 is default) and go through the orange portal.
Jumping as you go through may help, but you should now have that radio. If you
don't, the default key for Quickload is F9. Use that to save time and portals.
If you knock it to the other side where the button is, that's good too,
because that's where the radio's headed. If you grabbed it instead, shoot a
portal through that small hole where the radio was and drop it in the side of
the room with the button. Solve the puzzle as normal, then take the radio to
the doors of the elevator to complete the 10th part of this achievement. It
should go green as you proceed through the doors that the button opened.

Testchamber 10                                                          [P14]

Solve the puzzles as normal until you come to a room with white squares
and dots on them. Radio's on the left wall (facing as if you just entered the
room), out of reach from the ground. Turn to the entrance of the room and look
up. Of these spots, your target for a portal is toward the wall with the
radio, as if you're hugging the wall. You'll need to grab the radio as you fly
through the air, but once you do, you should fall in that pit with the orange
portal and activate the radio's green light at the same time. That's it.

Testchamber 11                                                          [P15]

Oy, this one may take a few tries. Solve the puzzle until you have the ability
to manually fire orange portals from your ASHPD. You'll see the radio hanging
on a ledge just in front of one of the doors. Shoot a portal to the side of
the radio (you won't be getting the radio by hitting the switch and making a
break for it, that much I guarantee you), then shoot the other portal where
the elevator stops on the wall. Hang between portals and make a grab for the
radio. If the elevator gets away from you before you grab the radio, wait for
it to come back before you step back through it. Quicksave often as you get
this, or you may lose the radio or your life getting this task done. Make it
back to the platform where you picked up the upgrade to make the light green.

Testchamber 12                                                          [P16]

Man, did they hide this one good. You can hear the radio when you first enter
the room, but you won't be finding it just yet. Solve the puzzle until you
reach the platform with the cube. Inch to the edge of that platform, and you
should be able to see a bit of that moving wall sticking out. Land on it, then
land on the pipe to reach the radio. Grab it, then pray it doesn't get stuck
somewhere up there as you fall back to the portal at the bottom. Land in that
pit, then drop through the portal to find yourself at the button. Carry the
radio to the back wall to listen to some morse code. Halfway done, and only
seven more chambers to go.

Alternate path submitted by Laogeodritt:

I've found an easier way of getting to radio #13 in Test Chamber 12 - I simply
wasn't able to land on the edge of the wall, and accidentally ended up finding
another method. I thought you might like to include it in your guide.

To reach the level with the cube, you needed to fling yourself out of a portal
on a slanted wall. You did this by falling down from the third level. However,
if you first jump down one level, and then jump into a portal in the pit from
there, you won't fling yourself as high nor as far, and you'll end up on the
support where the radio is located. (If you miss, try adjusting the exit
portal's position - I think mine was centered on the slanted panel.)

Best regards,

Correction by me: It's from the platform that shows one dot (two levels down
from the button) to reach the pipe with the radio.

Testchamber 13                                                          [P17]

If you don't see this radio in plain sight when you pass through the first
button activated door, go see an eye doctor. It's on the wall by the moving
platform that's inactive. Get it moving to aid you in grabbing that radio.
Once it's in your possession, take it back to the catwalk in the entrance room
(you didn't take that first box with you, did you?) to get more progress. You
should have 14 transmissions at this point.

Testchamber 14                                                          [P18]

Check the wall by the lone button in the level. The radio you're looking for
is on a high ledge just jutting out of a metal wall. Solve the puzzle, then
take the box you used to press the button and set it on the edge of the lift.
Fire a portal in front of it, then fire the other portal in front of the ledge
the radio is sitting on. Get on the lift, ride it to the top, then jump on the
box and fall down through the portal. This is the best way I know to grab this
radio. Take it to the room with the death water and reach the center platform
to give this radio a green light. Don't die on me, now.

Mike suggested a much faster way. He says to place a portal by the radio when
you start the level, then go up the stairs and wait for them to go down. Place
a portal at the bottom and jump into it, and you'll have the height to get to
the radio. (Not his exact words, but that's more or less how you do it.)

I tested this, and it works, but you have more speed on the first time through
than my method and will hit the ceiling, so it may take a little extra time to
reorient yourself to grab the radio. Both work equally well, though, so do
whatever you think works best.

Testchamber 15, Radio 1                                                 [P19]

That's right, this chamber has not one, but TWO radios for you to activate.
Careful, now.

You'll hear this one shortly after getting out of the elevator. If you fling
yourself out of this first part, you've gone too far. Shoot a portal to the
right of the movable wall, then shoot a portal at your level on the wall, and
hang between portals to make a grab for the radio. I don't think it'll matter
which side the high portal goes on, but the left side (when facing the wall
the portal's going on) did it for me. Simply carry this radio back to the
elevator, then proceed with the chamber until the point marked below.

Testchamber 15, Radio 2                                                 [P20]

Boy, are you going to hate me when I tell you where this one is. You know that
double door thing that you have to get that energy ball into? You're going to
have to launch yourself in there using a very tricky portal setup and very
limited time. Set up your portals so you can hit both buttons quickly, but
make sure you start the sequence so you can set up your portals from the
opposite side of the double doors. Hit the buttons, then shoot one portal in
front of the lift and the other on the floor by the double doors. (You can't
get a portal in that area, so don't try.) Jump into the portal in front of the
lift and use your momentum to move inside that room to grab the radio. Be
warned, those doors WILL crush you if you're too slow. It happened to me on my
very first attempt at this. Once you're in, let the clock run out and grab the
radio. GLaDOS is glad to help you out of this situation by opening an escape
hatch. Take the radio with you as you fall, then finish up the puzzle and take
the radio to the exit to finish this chamber's radios at last. This one has
some more morse code for you.

If you do not have 17 transmissions at this point, you're missing one and will
need to start back a ways. If you've been following this guide, however, that
should not be a problem.

Testchamber 16                                                          [P21]

The radio is sitting on top of one of those cubes in the huge pile of them.
You most likely saw this one on your first playthrough. You need to take this
one back to the room with the black handprints and blood. Turn left from
entering that room, and the radio should go green there.

Testchamber 17                                                          [P22]

The radio's sitting underneath the third lift platform you have to raise up.
Grab it and take it with you to the Emergency Intelligence Incinerator. (Feel
free to incinerate it along with your Companion Cube since you don't need it
anymore. Just make sure you got credit for the progress.)

Testchamber 18, Radio 1                                                 [P23]

Careful, now. There are three radios here.

First radio is rather easy to find. That outcropping in the wall to the left
of the platform across from the starting platform, you'll need to head in
there to pick up your radio. Mike once again has a better way of registering
this radio than what I had up.

For radio 18-1 I just shot a blue portal around the ceiling and lowered the
radio through an orange portal next to me. It was almost like fishing, I
crouched and lowered the radio through the orange portal. This is the location
that the blue portal was in where it worked for me.

Tested and proven. Less risk of losing the radio, too.
Testchamber 18, Radio 2                                                 [P24]

This one's kinda fun to reach. Get rid of the turrets in this room first
(unless you like a challenge), then deploy a portal in front of the box where
the energy ball will go and the other portal on the platform to the right of
the entrance (facing the moving platform, which is stationary right now). Fall
into the lower portal and use the high momentum you get from this to land on
the box and claim your radio. Take it with you to the lower level of the two
areas on the other side to let this light go green. Continue this level as
normal until you've reached the point below.

Testchamber 18, Radio 3                                                 [P25]

The radio here is in the pit that starts you off on this final puzzle of the
chamber. Do nothing with it just yet. Get to the top of this area, then portal
back to the bottom, fall in the pit, and grab the radio. Portal back to the
exit with the radio (if you're doing the puzzle again, you shot the wrong
portal), and you're done with this level.

If you do not have 22 transmissions by this point, you've missed one and will
have to find it by going back through saves or starting over. Hope you've paid

Testchamber 19, Radio 1                                                 [P26]

Don't worry about looking for radios until after you've crossed the pit of
fire. All four radios in this chamber can be found after you've saved

Look to the lower left of the platform you're standing on as the fire comes
into view. and do not ask me why they put the radio there. Save yourself
before you do anything else, though. Once safe, fire a platform as low as you
can, just above the radio you saw earlier. If you didn't see it, look down and
to the right, beyond the railing. Seriously, how is that radio not burning up
in the fire? Anyway, once you have it, you'll be carrying it with you for a
while. Launch yourself and the radio up to the platform you need to reach to
continue the game. How you do that is up to you. If you carry it with you, you
risk dropping the radio as you go through the portal, but if you send the
radio first, it may fly too high and rebound into the fire. Quicksave before
you try anything, and quicksave once both you and the radio are across.

Proceed through the area as normal, making sure to keep the radio with you at
all times. Pass through the area with the fans and portal across to the other
side of the death water in the next room. In here is a locked door, and where
we need to turn in the radio at. A nearby window allows us to see what's
behind this locked door, and it appears there's an open door at the other end.
Leave the radio here and cross to that bridge on the other side, then turn
towards that window and enter the open door. Cross to the other side of the
room, open the locked door from its unlocked side, and bring the radio to the
center of this room for more progress. Three radios remain.

Testchamber 19, Radio 2                                                 [P27]

I know we're technically not in the testchamber anymore, but the save slots
say testchamber 19, so we're still in testchamber 19. Semantics aside, your
next radio is a little out of the way. Proceed as normal until you've reached
a room with five crushers that go to the ceiling and back down. Just before
it is a room containing a staircase. You'll want to go under that staircase.
Shoot a portal through the fence at the wall, then shoot another portal on
your side and go through. Run through to a vent on the right side (back to the
fence), crawl through it, and the radio's hiding behind a piston. Carry this
to a room with two horizontal and two vertical crushers, and you'll get the
transmission as you complete the puzzle, assuming the radio is with you, of
course. The exact location is on top of the platform across from the two
horizontal crushers (the ones the vertical ones are slamming on from below),
in the air. You can hold the radio up high to get this one, though; no falling
through portals required aside from getting to the platform.

Testchamber 19, Radio 3                                                 [P28]

Not far from this puzzle is your next radio. You'll pass through a loading
screen before you see this one, but solve puzzles normally and you'll reach
a room with two inactive turrets and a turret with a blinking sight (it's not
gonna fire, don't worry). The radio's in here, and very hard to miss. Take the
radio to a notice that says "Over Here" with an up arrow and party symbols on
the wall that's near a small room. Take the radio into that small room (or at
least the duct that leads into it) for transmission 25. One more to go!

Mike once again provides a shortcut. He says to leave the radio, get on top of
the cube transport pipe, then fire a portal in the section of that room where
the radio is, proceed, and fire the other portal on the wall right by the
transmission. It works, so if you don't wanna lug the radio around, here's a
break from that. ^_~

Testchamber 19, Radio 4                                                 [P29]

The final radio is in the ditch in the room with massive numbers of turrets.
Clean out the turrets first, then grab the radio and leave it somewhere you
can easily reach it. Get to the next location you need to be, then leave a
portal and go back for the radio. Don't fire the same color portal as the one
you left at the progress point. Once the radio's up there, you'll need to
launch both yourself and the radio up high into the next point. Upon landing
both you and it up there, you should see some green electrical equipment. Take
your victory march, young test subject, for the moment the radio gives a green
light as you reach the equipment, you will have this achievement. Assuming, of
course, you did all 25 transmissions before this one. Otherwise, you'll have
to do this all over again.

Achievement unlocked! Now go kick some GLaDOS butt!

Thanks                                                                  [P30]

Thank you to the following people for making this guide possible:

Valve, for making such an awesome game. Can't wait for Portal 2.

Steam, for allowing me to play this on my PC due to lack of an XBox 360.

The DeVry Game Developers Club in Alpharetta, GA, for showing me Steam.

A man by the name of Jacob from, for helping me figure out
just what the hell I was supposed to do to get this achievement and getting me
past a few parts of this achievement I couldn't figure out on my own.

Me, of course, for without me, this guide wouldn't exist.

Laogeodritt, for submitting an alternate path to the radio in chamber 12.

Mike, for providing a screenshot of where to put the portal in chamber 03 to
     get the transmission, an alternate way to get the radio in chamber 14, a
     better way to get the first transmission in chamber 18, and an alternate
     way of getting the third transmission in chamber 19.

CJayC, for providing a host for this guide.

You, the reader, for making my time well spent. Enjoy your achievement.

Version History                                                         [P31]

Version 1.0 (16 May 2010, 3:10 AM)
        - Guide completed.

Version 1.01 (16 May 2010, 3:41 AM)
        - Minor edits made to fit the submission guidelines, submitted to

Version 1.1 (22 May 2010 7:00 PM)
        - Alternate way to reach the radio in chamber 12 added.
        - Added screenshot (as link) of where to place one of the portals in
          chamber 03, which is more helpful than the worded description I had.
        - Added alternate way to get the radio in chamber 14.
        - Changed how to get the first transmission in chamber 18.
        - Added alternate way to move the third radio in chamber 19 to the
          spot where the radio receives the transmission.
        - Credits updated to thank those who helped with the above changes.
        - (minor) Changed wording in saying how to move the first radio in
          chamber 19 to the other side of the inferno.