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Are skills supposed to be messed up???

ok, so...I play as Villain/Warrior and I noticed something was wrong with the skills.
Avoidance - Increases a chance of evading an attack
Shield Knowledge - Increases a chance of blocking with a shield
Ok now Avoidance(10th lvl) says u got 25% chance of evading an attack, so every 4th hit made by ur opponent should be avoided by ur character/ player...not true, almost every time I get hit and even If my player evades, he does only like 1 out of 10 times tht's like 10% chance not 25%!!!
I mean WTF, right???U only loose skill points fur upgrading, but no improvement...
Unfortunately this kind of prob happens in Shield Knowledge skill too, and other ones that I don't want to mention.
I beg fur an answer/explanation and plzzzz tell if u experience or heard of similar probs.

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