Question from johnstown

How do I get past island hopping?

for all coasters the max speed must be 51.41 mph and all my coasters reach higher but I still fail to complete the goal. Please help!

Road55 asked for clarification:

What are you talking about?


scorpiondemon25 answered:

What you are experiencing is a bug. It happened to me before what I did was I started a new file for island hopping. Or you could delete all your rides and then put them all back. But are you really sure all your rides are faster than that? Like if you have a minor kiddie ride then delete it because that might be what's happening. I hope that helped.
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soniczero9 answered:

It's actually not a bug. It took me a while to figure this one out too but what you have to do is keep all (and I mean all of them) of your coasters UNDER 51.41 mph. You need to do that and make sure they're long enough. Trust me you're not the only person whose had trouble here.
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