Question from Chr0nicCha0s

How do you get prisoners inside the Prison?

I build a fence, a couple of towers and living space and everything needed. I also open the gate. Im deff doing something wrong. Can some1 help me


Zorack64 answered:

First few times I tried playing this I couldn't get prisoners ether. What I finally did was build a staff building, dorm, Security building, etc. Dont forget to click on the buildings and add furnishings such as beds to the dorms, surveillance to the security, and accouting and stuff the staff room. I basically just clicked through each option, puting the small version of everything in a building, freeplay mode seem to give me enough to start with to do that, at the very least. Once I finished putting a cleaning, planning, and stuff office in the staff room, I finally had my first bunch of prisoners arrive.
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