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                            Missing on Lost Island

PC 2000

Version:        1.0     released on the 17th of January 2008
Author:         odino   http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/47976.html
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| |                           TABLE OF CONTENTS                            | |
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| 01.) Introduction                                              |   G0100   |
| 02.) Basics                                                    |   G0200   |
| 03.) Walkthrough                                               |   G0300   |
| YY.) Version History                                           |   GYY00   |
| ZZ.) Credits & Thanks                                          |   GZZ00   |

01.)                    INTRODUCTION                                 G0100

Welcome to 'Missing on Lost Island' for the PC, released by Mayhem Studios in

Suggestions, comments or errors - tell me about it. Enjoy!

02.)                    BASICS                                       G0200

The game is very easy to play. The left mouse click interacts with objects. The
cursor will always change to the appropriate action. The two feet will make Tim
walk around without interacting with anything.

To skip conversations, click the left mouse button. To skip animations you can
use ESC. This also includes small animations such as when Tim is performing an

You cannot die in this game unless you get a bad ending (see the walkthrough
for more details). Therefore you can try anything and always will end up with
progress. There are often multiple ways to solve a puzzle.

As usual for adventure games, I recommend exploring a lot as well as talking to

Note that there is a bug in the game and it will not let you progres past the
first island. You must download a patch for it work. Please do not ask me where
to get it, because I would not know and do not want to leave dead links in the
guide. Search the net and you shall find.

03.)                    WALKTHROUGH                                  G0300

Pirate Island:
When you gain control, grab some leaves nearby to cover up that nakedness.
Attempt to climb out by using the creeper on the wall. Afterwards, take the
liana from the bush. Use it on the tree, and then on the stone. Use it on the
stone again to tighten it. Attempt to use the tree to fling out of here, but
fail. Pick up the liana again, use it on the tree and stone and this time the
length will be just right. Use the tree to get out of the crater for real.

Walk to the right to find a house. Inside, pick up the poker and remove the
blanket. Use the poker on the chest you find, open it and look inside. Attempt
to leave the house for a scene.

Outside, take the clothes on the clothesline just behind the large white sheet.
Take the ladder and move left. At the crater, pick up the stick. Return right
and walk past the house to enter the village. Continue right to the harbor.
Click on the ship to walk off the screen and sneak behind the pirate. Grab his
coin and leave the harbor. Enter the tavern and give the coin to the drunk. It
won't be enough, thus leave and return to the harbor. Use the heavy branch on
the pirate to get the gold tooth. Give this to the drunk. Give the coin to the
bartender for a green bottle. Give this bottle to the drunk. Search the passed
out drunk.

Return to the crater and use the ladder on it to get down. Talk to the sculptor
and he will give you a small statue. Leave via the secret passage. At the
harbor, go left to the cannon. Use the statue with the barrel at the top right
to make it white. Look into the chest twice to get two wicks, two stashes of
gunpowder and candles. Grab a cannonball and the cleaning brush, then use the
latter on the cannon. Fill it with one stash of gunpowder and the cannonball.
Add a wick and use the cannon. You will miss, that is normal. Re-fill the gun-
powder and add another cannonball from the pile. Use the second wick and fire
the cannon, this time you will hit the target. Before leaving, take another

At the tavern, talk to the bartender to receive a gray bottle. Use it on the
passed out drunk. Give him the white statue in exchange for the information. Go
upstairs and talk to the pirates. Leave the tavern and go next door to the
blacksmith. Give him the cannonball and leave, then immediately return to find
a sword on the table. Take that as well as the sledgehammer on the left. Return
to the pirates and go out on balcony (stage). Use the sledgehammer on the
breach. It will fall behind the stone wall, so pick it up. Show it to the
pirates and while they are distracted, use the sword on your candles and
exchange the sliced ones with the candlestick on the table. "Slice" the new
candlestick with your sword and the pirates will accept you.

(If the game now goes to the menu and does not progress to the ship, you forgot
to install the patch first. Install it and load a save prior to this event to

Pirate Ship:
Take the long footbridge leaning against the hull and walk left. Pick up a
cannonball. Use the barrel to open it, then grab some gunpowder. Take the
cleaning brush and a wick (a.k.a. wig). Go up the ladder and walk up to the
captain to speak with him. Take his spyglass and follow orders by climbing up
to the crow's nest. Use the spyglass on the sea and report your findings to the
captain. After the short scene, run down to the lower decks and use opening
rope on the left. Use the front of the nearby cannon to get it ready, then pull
the trigger.

This a short mini-game where you simply press on a coordinate to fire at that
position. If you get lucky you will hit the enemy ship, and if you are luckier
you can even sink it. Thus, there are two ways to continue from here:

Path A: Sinking the ship
When you have won, climb up the ladder and use the footbridge on the ship to
go across.

Path B: Getting sunk
When you are destroyed, swim back to the wreckage. Here you can find a rope on
the mast. Return to the ship and use the rope on it to climb up. When you are
caught, use the scarf on the door to escape. Go to the deck.

Enemy Ship:
Enter the captain's cabin just on right. Take the rope and the rope-fixing pin
hanging on the wall. Return to the deck and use the rope-fixing pin on the
donkey man. Search him for an iron rod. Enter the store on the left and use
this rod on the lock. Inside the store, move the crate and push the secret
button. Pick up the laser. Before you leave, take the oar hanging on the wall.

Go all the way right to the rear deck. Use the rope on the railing for a quick
scene. To escape the prison, use the scarf on the door. Return to the rear deck
and use the laser on the left lamp. Back down in the prison, use the lamp on
the cellar, switch it on and then go down. Get the wooden prism from underneath
the keg. Throw it up to the hole in the ceiling which would lead back to the
prison. Climb up and take the hook which has been freed. Climb back down and
use this hook to open the crate at the bottom right. Take an empty sack. Open
the barrel and use the empty sack on it.

Back on deck, use the oar on the boat.

Deserted Island:
Walk right to a waterfall. Continue across the bridge to a cliff. Take the
wooden stick and climb up the rope. Walk right and cross the bridge. Get the
knife from one pirate, the braces from the other as well as the hook from the

Return to the previous screen and use the braces on the railing. Continue left
and cut the extra piece of rope with the knife. Climb down and return to the
waterfall. Combine the hook with the rope, then use this on the waterfall to
swing across. Pick up the rope here, then push the large barrel away and use
your knife on the new crate behind it. Use the scarf on this crate and pick the
entire crate up afterwards. Swing back across to the bridge.

Return right and continue right to the river. Grab the twig and use your knife
on the tree for some bark. Walk left twice to the riverbank. Click on the river
to automatically catch a beaver (else you are missing one of the items you were
supposed to get until now). Pick up the rope again, then interact with the
crate to get the beaver. Return to the river and use the beaver on the tree.
When it is done, use the rope on the raft. Combine your knife with the stick to
create a lance. Use this lance on the raft to take off.

When you arrive, there are two ways to continue. You can either use the
propeller on the barrel on the left and then use the barrel, or you can use the
lance on the river, the swim right. Both will lead you into the tunnels with a
different video sequence.

Walk left into the tunnels. The crawlspaces are a little confusing, the
directions given are from your perspective. Up does not literally mean upwards,
just going straight away from your point of view. Down is a little hard to see,
there is a thin gap you can spot that will lead towards you.

Crawl Left, Up, Right, Down, Right. Go into the gap.

Take the gear wheel form at the statue and move the switch. Return into the

Crawl Right, Left, Left, Left and use the shirt on yourself when Tim stops.
Continue left until you reach the room with lava. Take the strange thing from
the table and move the switch.

Return to the tunnel and crawl Right, Right, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Down,
Right, Up, Left, Left and into the gap.

Get the gear wheel form and move the switch here as well. Return back into the
tunnels. Crawl Right, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Up, Right, Up, Left, Left,
Left and Left again.

Walk right to the workshop and take the tongs. Place one of the gear wheel
forms on the pedestal. Pull the right chain twice, then left one once, then the
right one again. Use the pedal underneath the pedestal and pick up the gear
with the tongs. Place the other gear wheel form on the pedestal. Pull the right
chain once, step on the pedal, then move the right chain up again. Pick up the
gear with the tongs as before. Return left and enter the tunnels.

Crawl Right, Right, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left and go
into the upper tunnel entrance. Crawl Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left and
into the gap.

Walk over to the "other side" and take the chain. Return to the "other side"
and enter the passage on the left. Use the scarf with gunpowder on the statue
nearby. Use the strange thing on the gunpowder trail. After the short scene,
use the button on the wall. Insert both of the gears at the top right and link
them with the other gears by using the chain. Pull the switch. Walk through the
passage you came in and jump into the basin at the bottom.

Interact with the torch on the right. Take the rope hanging down. You can now
choose between two ways of saving Diana. Both paths converge later, but due to
some technical issues I was only able to complete one.

Path A:
Tie the rope to the well and climb down. Enter one of the tunnels and use your
shoes on the grate. Click on the nearby barrel and skip to the next one, then
the crate and interact with the platform. Pick up the welding device. Walk into
the spaceship. Open the box on the right of the door (a little hard to see in
this dark room). Take out the contents, the travel amulet. Get the metal stand
on the left of this box, and pull out the cable near the entrance door. Pick
that up too. Go through the other door to the computer room. Use the computer
on the far left to see a secret exit displayed. Attempt to leave the room for a
scene. Leave and go to the prison twice. Use the welding device on the door. Go
through and interact with the chandelier fixing point. Enter the prison cell to
the north and use the welding device on this door as well. Enter the cell.
Interact with the door to trap the guards, then leave to the large hall with
the guard in a distance.

Path B: (incomplete)
Take some wood from the beam. Combine the wood with the rope and use it on the
exit door. On the other side, use the chandelier fixing point to lower it.
Climb up the chandelier for a short scene. Return to the guy that slipped on
the banana skin. Take his wolf cap. Return up the stairs and walk through the
doorway. Talk to the guard and pick up his code. Use the code on the interface
next to the door. Return to the chandelier and climb up... (this is where my
game crashes unfortunately)

Speak with Diana for a scene. Talk to her again for another one. Go through the
door to the north and continue to the large opening. Combine the metal stand
with the cable and throw it up to the opening. Climb up. Push the platform and
use the crank. Walk right to the bridge.

Ending A:
* Run across the bridge.

Ending B:
* Speak to Diana.
* Fight the guard on the left side.

Ending C:
* Speak to Diana.
* Cut the bridge with the sword.
* Climb up to the cliff.
* Use the amulet on Diana.

Ending D:
* Speak to Diana.
* Cut the bridge with the sword.
* Fight the guard.

YY.)                    VERSION HISTORY                              GYY00

v1.0     First release, walkthrough only (17th of January 2008)

ZZ.)                    CREDITS & THANKS                             GZZ00

GameFAQs for hosting this file.

Mayhem Studios for the game.

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respective trademark and copyright holders.

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