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Is it possible to use a gamepad for Assassin's Creed on PC?

I have just gotten Assassin's Creed for my computer, but I see no option to let me use a gamepad. I have a device that is a USB on one side and a PS2 controller port on the otherside, letting me use a PS2 controller for PC games. This device worked smoothly with Devil May Cry 4, but I cannot find any gamepad options for Assassin's Creed. And if it simply wont work, could I just use an Xbox 360 controller instead?

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Katana42 answered:

Xbox 360 controller is supported.
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friarlicious answered:

I use a PS2 controller with Assassin's Creed on my PC. After you configure it in AC's controller options (select the first "twin USB joystick" option & choose buttons & axes), it works like how I remember it in my brief play on PS3. However, these settings, which take a few minutes to do (since they seem reversed from what you'd like), do NOT get saved when you quit AC. So you have to re-configure it each time, which is a drag.
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qtt872002 answered:

I use a Logitech controller and works fine.
But everytime I open the game it resets to "Keyboard and Mouse" so I need to choose "USB Joystick" so I can use it.
And the default buttons are all wrong and the camera reversed so you need to configure them to your liking. Fortunately it remembers your personal configuration. At least it does for me.
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Cjme1 answered:

I use a steelseries, and it works perfectly, just go to customized controls and select usb joystick option (just click on the keyboard and mouse) then set up the controls- however, if you use one like i have, the button labeled "1" on the controller is labeled as "0"... i think
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