• Console Cheats

    Press "~" while playing the game to bring up the console. Type "Player->", then insert the code.

    setHealth"0"(click on NPC) kills NPC
    setFatigue"0"(click on NPC) knocks out NPC
    setDisposition"100"(must click on NPC) raises disposition
    player->additem gold_100 1000Adds 1000 gold
    player -> additem skeleton_key "1"Adds a skeleton key to your inventory (Opens and doors, chests, etc.)
    player -> additem "daedric weapon" (Change weapon with the weapon name)Adds the daedric weapon in your inventory
    player -> addspell "spellname"Adds the spell to your spells
    Player->SetReputation [Value]Adjusts the players reputation to the given number. It seems that the maximum value is 255, but if a higher value is entered it appears to be applied.
    helpbrings up the help menu in the console
    enableracemenuChanges your character
    HelpDisplays most commands
    FillMapDisplays the full map
    TKSEnables a kill count.
    FillJournalFills your journal with every single entry
    player->addspell "Blight Disease Immunity"Gives you the Blight disease immunity spell
    player->addspell "Common disease Immunity"Gives you the common disease immunity spell
    player->addspell "Corpus Immunity"Gives you the corpus Immunity Spell
    tgmGod Mode (Invincibility)
    setscale 0makes objects disappear (works on u 2)
    player -> set(skill name) (number) (ex. player -> setstrength 1000)Raises the name of the skill to the number you put in
    enablelevelupmenuRaises your level
    pcraiserank "name of guild" (Must have the " " )Raises your rank in the specified guild
    ToggleFullHelpShow you ownership and script of objects you look at. Useful for knowing who to avoid selling stolen items to.
    setpccrimelevel 0Takes the bounty off of your head
    coc "character stuff wonderland" (Guarded by monsters)Takes you to a room with almost every item in it
    tfowtoggles "fog" on map - fills all local area maps
    tcltoggles collision
    coc "name of city"Travel to any city
    coc "name of city, then building"Travel to anywhere
    unlockUnlocks Locked Objects
    ResurrectWhen used on corpse, resurrects it. NPCs that are dead from the beginning of game are not resurrected. Returns all items.

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