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How do I beat the tank to arrest ramirez ?

I need to arrest Ramirez but a tank keeps blowing me and my partner away each time while im placing the c4 toblow the door open, how do you kill this tank ?


ekmultima answered:

Not sure if you ever figured this out (considering that you asked this 5 years ago), but I'm assuming you're asking about the tank in the wide field. I just finished this game myself yesterday, and it's not so bad. All you have to do is take control of Lang and go to the downed helicopter that's in the middle of the field. You'll see it has a split between it. You can easily fire rockets through that gap to the tank on the other side (it just sits there). It'll take about 3 rockets to destroy, and if you go behind the wreck you'll find an ammo cache to resupply if necessary. Hopefully this helps.
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