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Where can I find six great treasure?

I need help finding six great treasure.
I only find echizen crab, no shield, large, gold seal,
need help how to find the other 2 item and the requirement

carcise provided additional details:

i just get the hiragumo from inukai clear. Thx for the information.
But i still can't get Coke Bottle. i play isoroku route now. i try get 1 province of Cairo (i assume its part of africa), i let demon army attack it (forfeit it/lose battle) and take the province back but still didn't get Coke Bottle.
What is the spesific condition for Coke bottle?

Accepted Answer

TheUnknownZone answered:

You need to take TOTAL control of Cairo first, and only then, you let them take back the place.
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TheUnknownZone answered:

Hiragumo - Do Inukai's character clear event. Requires Kouhime.
Coke Bottle - Let Shimazu House/Demon Army reclaim one province in Africa.
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