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Lifetime Happiness Cheat? 15
My Sims Become Invisible, Any idea to recover it? 19
Best paying job at level 10? 5
Skills cheat? 2
Is there a way to add more sims to an already existing town? 4
Is there a cheat for career leveling? 5
How can i rotate an object in buy mode? 2
How do I make my sim become a boyfriend/girlfriend? 4
How do I stop my sims from aging? 4
Is there a cheat to stop the aging? 5
Recent Questions Answers
Can 2 people play one household on multiplayer sims 3? 1
Sims 3: rise of the forever dirty sim? 0
Why won't the sims 3 recognize my graphics card? 1
Mask appeared on my sim and wont go away? 1
My Sim disappeared from family tree? 0
Town not showing up properly? 0
Building a block of flats - how many people? 0
How do we use the banshee banisher when not being called into work as a ghost hunter? 0
Why is EVERYONE booing me? 0
Why wont a Sim form the Exchange install? 0
Unresolved Questions Answers
Twins or triplets are always all boys or all girls. How do you make your sims have a boy and a girl? 3
Fun/Easy way to set a sim on fire please? 7
How do I turn furniture??? 2
Can I add another sims to my household? 1
How do you change a Sim's personality traits? 2
how do I get an other town for my sims? 3
Can you make your teen who aged move out of their parents into another one by themselves? 2
Changing and creating new characters? 2
Changing appearance? 3
How do I plant stuff and garden? 2

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