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Asked: 5 years ago

Is there a cheat that can max the difficulty of the family ???

Ii want a cheat or how to max the difficulty max up to $ 20.000 of the family to buy a BIG house !!

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If you're asking how to buy a house you can't afford, just type in 'freerealestate' in the console(Control+Shift+C) and you can move into any house for free.

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Beginning money does not rely on difficulty so much as family members, but since they're the same thing.... unless you don''t have a full family, you'll need more members, but if you'refull and still low on cash, you'll have to get a cheap house, money cheat a couple of times, edit town, evict family, move family from library to wanted house (now you have the money) and save town, then get the main menu, play household, and choose your moved family, and enjoy,

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hmm..... well the freerealestate is Working, but u can also...
1. Create a family that has MAX members
2. THe difficulti will be OOOOO
3. Ur money should be bang.
4. WHen u move in the family
5. Go to "Edit Map" on the Options
6. Pick "Separate Households"
7. Separate the households u don't want.
sorry if this ain't helping

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oh, this trick is NOT using a cheat. BTW, the separated household, u moved them again in the house, u get 20k$imoleons. Then Separate, move in, separete, move in.... well, each time u repeat u should get @ 20k $imoleons without being caught cheating.

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