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Asked: 5 years ago

Can ghosts get married?

I killed the wife of a couple to make a ghost baby (who ended up looking like his father). It says the the wife is an ex-wife. Is there anyway my sims can remarry her?

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No idea..

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well there is the science opportunity(to bring ghosts to life)
and the food that theghosts should eat
-death fish(found in the graveyard[needs fishing skill of 10])
-life fruit(find at least 6 unknown seeds and grow it[needs skill of 7 or higher])
-cooking skill of 10
P.S. I haven't tested it yet what happens if the girl/boy comes to life and check if their relationship is married but still working on it but I have a feeling that they should be remarried since I know that in weddings it's until death till we part

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I have done that, & yes it is possible, you just have to start all over again in the relationship.

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