Question from xXxUhlrikxXx

Where did my sim go?!?!

After playing the game between different households, I noticed that one of my sims has disappeared!

He's not in his house, all his items were left the same way and what's worse is that since he lives alone, the house is unoccupied.

Please help, thanks.

xXxUhlrikxXx provided additional details:

Well actually no need to answer the question. I just found out recently that my sim got hit my a meteor ._.

Hope this helps other people wondering where their sims went...

Accepted Answer

Bokochaos answered:

Well, if you switched households, and he wasn't active, the game cycled him out, since the game has a function where characters start moving away (deleted), they vanish indefinitely. This is probably what has happened to your character. I know, my cousin had the same thing happen.
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