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Is polygamy (being married to more than one person, or Sim) possible in the Sims 3?

Hey I think it would be cool to be able to have multiple spouses in the Sims 3. If this is possible, please tell me, and HOW. Also, if it isn't possible, tell me if there is a cheat/mod/trainer that would make polygamy possible, and also tell me how get said cheat/mod/trainer and how to use it. Thanks. :).


kasaruukii answered:

There is a way, but it's through a mod.
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Lolose answered:

Yes you can. My sim is married to 20 sims and there all heart broken though and they figured out I'm cheating on them. All you have to do is flirt and do romance stuff while they are the same age and keep doing it untill you have the option to PROPOSE GO STEADY and then continue. Soon enough you should be able to propose a merrage and BAM! Do that to many sims! By the way, sims can be maried to their same gender...
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