Question from unlucky_day13

How do I create new lots?

How do I create new lots in Rivertown or Sunset Valley?

luseiferoth asked for clarification:

What do you mean by 'new lots'? Is it new empty sites or just building up empty lots to create new house/venue? The former i think is impossible so far, but the latter can be done by going to [options] and then [edit town...]. You can select the empty lot then enter build/buy mode and even change the designation of the lot (community/residential).

Accepted Answer

popingpopcorn answered:

(S)He means (s)he wants to put another NEW empty lot at the place (s)he desires. Well..... you can't. At the Sims 3 The Lots are "Permanent". And if you want to put a new lot, where u going to put it anyway?
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