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How do you fix the black screen when you start the game?

Everytime I try to play sims 3 it open a black screen and u can hear all the audio u normally wud but u cant see anything. its just a black screen and u can see the sims 3 mouse. i have updated drivers too. how do i fix this?


p0tat0_phun answered:

So your video card is updated? I think the main problem is that your computer's hardrive is so full that it's cause your computer to lag. Maybe it'll help if you cleaned your computer's space a little bit. I also found these tips on how to "fix" this problem from another forum:

1. Hit pause, presuming it's still the P key.

2. Hit your windows key and it will take you out to the winows screneen. The start menuy will open as well so close that.

3. Wait a second or so, and then click back on the game which is sitting on the taskbar.. You may have to try this more than once but I often can get my game sceeen back this way.
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