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Riverview (and other downloads) Not Working?

I am the Administrator of my PC. I have a bought copy of The Sims 3, and I go to download Riverview and other DLC. After I install it from the download menu, I go to launch my game, and when it is done loading, none of the DLC that I implemented into the game shows up! I'm mainly concerned about Riverview showing up, and then I will work with everything else. I didn't actually start a save on the Sims 3 yet, because I wanted to start off with everything I downloaded in the game before I start. What am I to do? EA Tech Support wouldn't help me, because they suspect that I have a pirated copy (though I gave them my key and everything, they still didn't help...)


georgetheroger answered:

I had a similar problem. When I went to the sims 3 store on internet explorer I downloaded content and it said it was downloading and I too was the adminastrator. So I looked in the game launcher and nothing was there. However, I changed my internet browser to safari when I go on the sims 3 store. It now works fine and I can download custom content into the game from the sims 3 store. I already had installed it on my computer with itunes beforehand. If you dont have it then install it for free on the apple website.
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