Question from Sunnysun033

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I stop my sims from aging?

I want to keep my sims the same age and I tried the cheat

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From: Cal_S 5 years ago

Press F5 for options, go to gameplay, deselect "Enable Aging"

No need to cheat in Sims 3 to disable aging, they give you the option to do so. Be aware that everyone else in your neighborhood will become immortal as well.

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You can get a good cook with fishing skill and make ambrosia. I keep getting it and making it to stay alive. Also, use a death flower on death by having it in your inventory.

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Go to the options menu while your playing the game, then uncheck the 'enable aging' option.

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Go to options during gameplay as an active sim , then once in options go to gameplay options and check the box that says enable or disable aging or watever the fk it says...i think that immortality isnt much real so i just set the time of days that my sim has till he/she ages and i set it to 960 days sucka!!! tht way it is more realistic(Epic)and you will age in a decent amount of time :)

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