Question from jchill7130

I want to change my sims name?

My sim married Bebe Hart so now shes Bebe Night and I want her name to be Natasha night. Is there any cheat which can help me?

jchill7130 provided additional details:

That didnt work i clicked on it and it said join political career, tour city hall, or take charisma class...

jchill7130 provided additional details:

ok nevermind it wasnt open yet lol sry XD

simpson384 asked for clarification:

Does that go for both the first and last name?


Francis_Nerrrrr answered:

You can change your Sim's name at the City Hall.
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Lolose answered:

Yeah! Click on city hall with your sim and select change name. You will get a text box to chang their names. Did I help u?
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Unrealraven answered:

Load your game, Then open the console (CTRL+SHIFT+C) and type "CAS.fulleditmode" (without the quotes). (Shift + left click) your sim then click Modify in CAS.
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