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Ok sims 3 and world adventures wont load black screen crash helpppp?

Ok So I have scanned the internet looking for a solution and I can see a lot of people asking the question but Cant seem to find the answer!

Ok so I have bought Sims 3 & World adventures did a clean install of both 1 after the other and When I clicked to run WA I get a black screen and it almost immediately stops responding, I have to do an ctrl alt del thing to end the task. So I unistalled, did a CC reg cleaner and then installed just the sims 3 not the expansion. Tried to run the base game...same thing happens.

I am running Windows 7 and have posted my spec below..but i have done several checks to make sure I have the minimum requirements and apparently Im ok. Oh and Yes Ive run driver updates but still no luck..Please help as its cost a lot of money and I love the sims. any help greatly appreciated

spec follows...?


ab9003 answered:

Maybe it's your game, maybe you can get another one for free if you call EA or whoever made sims.
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