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How do mods work???

What exactly are mods, how do they work, how do you get them, etc? All information about mods is appreciated. thanks


Missile129 answered:

Mods are third party programs that hack the game to change the mechanics of the game. They range from very simple bug fix mods to things that completely change entire aspects of the game. Most mod designers will host their mod on modthesims.

Mods directly alter the program files within the game. They are not recommended if you are computer illiterate. Some mods may cease to function following an EA patch until the creator of the mod releases an update for the mod. In the case of the more game changing mods this can render your game unplayable until an update is released for the mod.

Awesomemod is arguably the most used mod throughout the community. It is a massive mod that includes features such as: cleaning up many of the bugs and annoyances EA have implemented into the game (such as removing unnecessary invisible vehicles and allowing wishes to be fulfilled without being locked in). Balancing of life time rewards (nerfs to Steel Bladder; buffs to Faster Metabolism). Sims not in the active household still gain career experience. Completely overhauls the EA story progression into a much better system that also takes less processing. Ability to make sims exempt from the story progression. The ability to give control of sims to an extremely sophisticated AI which will manage the sim's work, skills, opportunities ect. in the most efficient method available to that sim.... and much much more. All features can be enabled or disabled as you please.

As I hope I have demonstrated, mods have the power to enhance your game in ways you never thought imaginable. However, the more the mod does, the more dangerous it is. Using Awesomemod as an example again, it completely changes the way your games are saved. Once you have Awesomemod on a specific save, you will not be able to play that save file without Awesomemod.
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