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Asked: 3 years ago

Getting The Sim Teen Pregnant On The Sims 3 for ps3?

You can Get The Teenager Pregnant On The Sims 3... But you have 2 kill the Sims Teen first. (1) make sure the Sim teen is in a bad mood... (2) get them in the pool... if u don't have a pool at your house go to the community pool..(3) once they're in the pool, make sure they don't get out.. soon they will drown of their bad mood so they would die... (4) once they are dead find the ghost teens lover or make a new lover and have them relax in the bed once Ur home. (5) press try for a baby and if it playz a lullaby that means u were successful............. THX plz comment if your still having trouble or if u just need more information

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I believe you have to post this in the PS3 board, sorry mate.

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I made the girl a ghost and did as followed but it didnt work? was i supposed to kill the boy or girl?

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You can't get a teen pregnant

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All they could do was CHAT on the bed. :(

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