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Why is testingcheatsenabled true not working?

I always use this cheat while playing so today I typed it in as usual and I do it twice in case of errors and I went into a family I have been playing for awhile. When I went to bring the stats up on my one Sim it didn't work so I went tothe menue and re typed the cheat and I went back to the family and the cheat still didn't work. I then exited the game and re opened it and typed in the cheat once this time and I went into the same family and it still didn't work. Well then I thought maybe it was just this fmaily, which would have not made me happy, anyway so I went to a different family and the cheat still didn't work. Why is this happening? It always ususally works and this is random. Please help I hate playing with out this cheat.

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Simmslocalvamp2 answered:

I believe its been changed in the last update

its now "testingcheatsenabled on"

hope this helps
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