Question from tannis03

Asked: 3 years ago

My Sim won't do anything I tell her?

Ive been playing the sims 3 for a few weeks now and its been working fine up until now..
But now my sim wont do anything I tell her to.. When I tell her to go to work or leave the house to go somewhere else she just stamps her feet and a speech bubble with footsteps and a red line thru it pops up. She does things on her own but nothing I tell her.
Ive tried using resetSim, restarting the game and changing the free will settings and nothing has worked.

How do i fix this?!?

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What kind of things are you asking her to do and what is she doing on her own?

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Well it sounds to me like something is in her way and she can't do things because she can't get to them. She does move and do other things though, she isn't frozen?

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