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Asked: 5 years ago

Can you create basements in sims 3?

Ive always wanted to make an

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From: warhound165 4 years ago

Yes you can. If you don't have the expansion, you could just use the constrainfloorelevation true/false cheat to create a basement using the elevation tools in build mode.

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Yes you can. I think there is a basement tool in build mode. You just drag a square around your house and go down a floor to see the basement. Although I Think the basement tool only comes in World Adventures. Try using the Terrain Elevation tool if you dont have the basement tool. :)

Hope this helped

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No...the basement tool is there for the regular sims 3 base game in the build menu , there should be one called the basement tool will find it just keep looking.

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Actually to get the basement tool in the original game you'll need a patch

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Yes, but you need a patch

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Yes, basement tool can be used with a patch/crack on the base game but you can use the basement tool if you have the ambitions expansion pack, (not sure about any other expansion pack tho) :)

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Yes, you can make basements on sims 3. You need world advetures expantion pack though. Just go to build mode the click the basement tool. It dosent matter where you build the basement as long as it dosen't intersect with any pools/ under ground things. After yo first build the basement, what looks like gray floor tile (this will not show up after you exit build mode) it is used as a guild line for you to place stairs and what not. Then you can customize the basement the same way you do everything else.

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I have no expansion packs and igot the basement from an official sims 3 patch

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