Question from ashe_27

Asked: 5 years ago

Can this game be installed on more than one PC?

I assume both PCs can't run it at the same time, but can this game be installed on more than one and whoever has the disc can play it? My wife and I have our own PCs and I remember getting screwed by Spore.

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From: poweradefan99 5 years ago

Here's a specific way to word how to play at the same time:

Step 1: Install the game
Step 2: Start up the game once it's installed.
Step 3: Take the disc out while the game is running. And you'll still be playing it!
Step 4: Install it on the next computer

You just need the disc to start up the game. So have fun. :D

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No not with a no cd patch

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Yes, it can be installed on both computers at the same time. I have it on my laptop and my desktop. You may be able to both run it at the same time if you start the game with the disc in one drive and then transfer it to the next and start it there...but otherwise only one computer could run it at a time.

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You can install it on as many as you want, I think, unless one computer registers. Then it might not let you on. I currently have it on 3 different computers. :)

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Oh and nothing should go wrong when the disc is out. It'll just be normal. ;)

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