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How do you start a garden?

How do you start a veggie garden? Like in Sims 1 and 2 there were little square plots of dirt to plant in. I was wondering if there was something similar in Sims 3 or if there is a completely different process. Is it even possible? I'm pretty sure it has to be.....

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SketchyGalore answered:

You can plant any fruit, veg, or collected seed in the ground anywhere on your home lot. Mousing over it will give you the status of the plant. Using the command "tend garden" on one of your plants automatically weeds, waters, and harvests all the plants on your lot, one by one (you only need to issue this command once; a big time-saver).
You can also buy a sprinkler to help you water your plants and, with enough handiness skill, you can upgrade the sprinkler to "auto-water", which will eliminate the need to water the plants yourself.
Lastly, it seems as though, no matter how well you take care of a plant, it will eventually die after a certain number of harvests.
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Neonivek answered:

You click on a Seed or Fruit in your inventory and select plant or plant many.

Then you place the baby plant just like any other object in the game. (It needs watering immediately)
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BigD145 answered:

There are no more square plots for gardening. As long as a wall has not been put around a plot of land, you can plant on it. This does mean there are no greenhouses in the base game and you cannot plant indoors.
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kevburt answered:

If you can't find the seed you want to plant, you can buy a lot of fruit and veg at the store to plant. you can also harvest from another sims garden and plant in yours. Use lobster to fert with as it has a great boost to it.
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Mikka_Chan answered:

You find seed laying all around town, the town square has quite a few, also if you read a book about gardening or attend a lesson on gardening you will be given some seed, they will be in your inventory, the seed look like the fruit/veggie that they are unless they are an uncommon seed or a rare seed, you click on the seed and choose plant or plant many depending on how many seeds you have then click a space on your lawn and plant them, then all thats left is to tend the garden =)
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