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Is there a way to add more sims to an already existing town?

Like right now i have a town already made, but i want to add more custom sims to it. Is there a way to do this?

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MacMerritt95 answered:

You can add more sims to your current town by clicking on the Edit Town button and then placing a new family in an open lot. You can also split current families or merge smaller households.

In Edit Town you can also select to change which household is your Active household by clicking the Active Household button but you will lose all current wishes for that household.
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poweradefan99 answered:

I don't think so. To make another family you have to start a new game otherwise it won't let you move in your family. Sorry :P.
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yvette4444 answered:

But the town you are adding the new families too, isn't your original town where your created sim is.
So disappointing!
I want to move another sim into my original town too. But in Edit Town, there is only a copy of your sim without it's progress.
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monkeeshrines answered:

You can make a sim/family in another town and copy it to your library, then place a copy of them in your first town, and they will appear in that town. I have had trouble with this though, in that when I see those sims around town and talk to them, each time another friend appears in my relationship bar so I have multiples of the same friend. It may be a glitch unique to my computer, but just be wary.
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