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Is there a way to get pets in the Sims 3?

I just got the game and noticed that when I made my family I couldn't make pets right off the bat like in Sims 2. Do you have to get pets online or use points or something?

Accepted Answer

Neonivek answered:

Currently the only pet that is in The Sims 3 is a Fish. (Unless you count rocks and plants)

To get a fish you need to fish for one

Buy a Fishbowl

Then drag the fish from the Sims inventory into the fishbowl. You can then name the fish and take care of it.
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SketchyGalore answered:

Pets in The Sims 2 were the result of an expansion pack, as they also were in The Sims 1. So, it might be a while before they're brought back into the game again, but history would suggest that a "pet" expansion pack should happen eventually... Of course, eventually could mean a year or two.
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beefbowl7 answered:

Yeah, you can only have fish at the moment. However, if you just get the fishbowl and don't know how to fish, you have the option of clicking on the bowl and filling it with a random goldfish. You could also just go to the grocery store and buy any of the fish there to put in the bowl.
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