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What is the best strategy for killing my wife?

I want a ghost baby so please help me!

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Neonivek answered:

You want to kill her according to what kind of Ghost Baby you want (Also Ghost men can try for baby with living women and still give ghost babies)

Fire and Electrocuted are both awsome!
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olbreo answered:

Make a room with nothing in it and make your wife go in there then just took off the door and let her die, it works for me anyway!
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MSthebilder answered:

First of all, why would u want to kill your wife? second of all, just start a fire by leaving pankakes on stove and get out, leave her in, and delete doors
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tehi_king answered:

Try building a pool, let wife get in, and take off the diving board/ ladder. Takes a while, but always will work. ( Great for killing en-mass if you're that kind of person..)
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ginbasil answered:

Just Delete everything she needs and delete all doors and trap her works good....
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shampy26 answered:

Fires don't work for me in sims 3.. the sim always uses the fire extinguisher and even if I cancel the sim from using it, the fire still doesn't kill the sim. I've had one sim that was a little bit on fire and didn't care lol.

Dying of hunger seems to be the fastest/easiest way to die. With electrocution you have to wait for something to need repairing and drowning takes a while..

Even after all that, Death might give the sim a second chance even without the death flower in hand. -.-
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UnknownDude09 answered:

lol, I have a whole lot of fun watching the sims burn, make a wall, make the sim you want dead walk to the wall, enclose the room with a 2x3.
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something like that, then put your sim on the far left of the room, move in a fireplace, make the sim move away from the wall, put 2 plants at that wall, and finish it with a rug on the ground, start the FIRE, and make your sim poke the fire over and over again, fire should spread, and Incredible, the sim you hate is Dead.

It just helps me, if I accidently marry a women who's older then me O.o

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TheKuhn answered:

Buy a pool and make her drown
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5_thirteen_rulz answered:

Once I had let a room get really dirty. Then I put her in there and took away the trash can and the doors. Soon a bunch of flies swarmed her and she died. But you got to make sure the room is as dirty as it can be or it'll take forever.
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gdunit91 answered:

To shampy- Fires won't work if free will is on... turn it off and then enclose someone in a room, take out doors... fire kills.
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gdunit91 answered:

To shampy- Fires won't work if free will is on... turn it off and then enclose someone in a room, take out doors... fire kills.
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HolyKnight3 answered:

You can't drown them in pools, because they are now able to climb out on the edges instead of needing a ladder.
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xotraceeyy answered:

What i did was build a room that wasn't close to the house (in the backyard) and I filled it with counters, a refrigerator, and a stove (make sure this stove isn't the most expensive one because never starts fires). If free will is off, having a door won't even matter, because the sim won't get out unless you tell it to. Don't put a fire alarm, and don't make your sim call the fire department. Start making pancakes, and right when your sim starts cooking it on the stove, click it away to do something else and just leave it there. Hahah. I made a golddigger girl kill her husband.
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cheats101 answered:

Hold down ctrl and press 3 and 9 then it will skay kill or edit(33version) click kill and select the character you want to kill on the leader death board and boom!!! you killed you crappy wife!!! or make a jason or freddy kruger
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Chain_Gangsta1 answered:

make a room with a single fireplace, and then make your wife walk in there, delete the door, and start putting chairs, around the room (making sure one of the chairs is next to the fire.... And then stack the rest of the chairs around the room... Sit back and enjoy....... Or whatever.
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Yoshermon answered:

One of the easiest ways to kill a sim is to cheat a little. Hold down ctrl, shift and C and a little text box should appear at the top of the screen. Type in "testingcheatsenabled true" without quotations. Then, make your wife the active sing (the one you're playing as). Go to her needs panel, move your mouse over the hunger need and drag it all the way to the left. Your wife should starve and die within a few seconds.
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UsedSprockets answered:

even if you don't want to turn free will off, make a one room house, fill with cheap carpet, fireplace, and said sim. The whole house will burn soon and the sim will start burning from all the carpet, regardless of free will.
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GMwoogitmaster answered:

To drown her, make her work out until her muscles are fatigued, then have her swim in a pool.
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jblispoopycena answered:

Close her between sofas and watch her die from hunger.
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