Question from Squid2510

Moving your sims to a new household?

How can you move your sims to a new household? I have looked and I cannot seem to find a key or command to allow my sims to relocate to a new household.

neener939 asked for clarification:

I think Squid is asking how to move them in with an already exsisting family. At least that is my question. When I get the two sims with two different houses to communicate, I don't see the typical "invite to move in" action.

-DNA- asked for clarification:

I think that Squid wanted the answer Genesis gave, which is right. All you need to do is use a laptop or computer, then the "move" option. I think its the same with the paper as well. Still, I want 2 know what Neener thought the question was, because I don't usually have a problem getting sims 2 move in, but on The Sims 3 I'm having difficulties. Also, how do you get 2 sims 2 establish a relationship? Because I saw "go steady" before, but haven't seen it since.

SimmySandwhich3 asked for clarification:

What if you have a teen that aged and you want to move them out of their parents' house? but you dont want the parents to come with of course.


Genesis0071 answered:

If im right you can use the Phone, PC or newspaper to move somewhere else.
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