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Is there a way for Sims 3 to use a different browser?

My Sims 3 Game Launcher performs an error by opening Internet Explorer instead of Firefox when it needs to open up a link to their website. I don't see an "Options" menu in the Sims 3 Game Launcher to fix this problem.


chibi-acer answered:

Try opening FireFox and just browsing to
I also had problems with IE not triggering the downloads correctly, but this worked for me.
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DeSignFluX answered:

Well, all programs (doesn't matter which) will use "Default Browser" for opening something... Open up Firefox (this works with all browsers) and go to Preferences (or Options) and find the "Make <browser> default browser?" and check it. This will make Sims 3 (and everything else) open that browser when connecting to the internet through a browser. Works for me on my Mac... Opens on Firefox now in stead of Safari
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diatone answered:

From what i've read, IE is hardcoded into the software.
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