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How do you identify an NPC's favorite food?

I've gotten a few lifetime goals to cook another Sim's favorite dish, but I have yet to see "favorite dish" of a Sim I don't control listed in their traits. Is there a way to ask? Or do you invite them to the kitchen and somehow do it from there?

moosh21b provided additional details:

This information does not seem to be kept for the town's characters, which is what I'm looking for. I can see my Sim say he likes White, and the townie says he likes Green, but this information does not store.

So far I think I've seen a BLT sandwich and an Autumn Salad pop up over someone's head after I invited them to the Bistro and was just standing around outside. So maybe chat at the bistro?

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aigafusei answered:

Try interacting with the sim you're interested in, and choosing to "chat" with him or her.

If you see a thought bubble with your sim's favorite food in it, the bubble over the other sim's head should be his or her favorite food.

You don't have to be at the bistro for this to happen. I've chatted with someone in my house, and figured out his favorite food was pancakes.
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beefbowl7 answered:

It should be on the first panel with the Sim's traits, on the lower left hand corner. A sim's favorite dish will be listed along with their favorite color and type of music.
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