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How do you steal things from other sims?

my sim has a wish to steal something from someone else. How do I do this?

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I have it.

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DeSignFluX answered:

Haha, I found a way to steal from someone (you do need to be Klepto and/or Evil), go to a house with a garage, you can open those without being invited in... Walk in and "Swipe something", this option randomly appears on your character (for kleptos) and on objects (for evil)... My Character stole a car, some magazines, and a guitar from their neighbors... And stole a bookshelf from work as a criminal. Just gotta be sneaky...
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Neonivek answered:

They need the Klepto trait
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naterkix answered:

As far as I know, if you check their inventory or look around the house after they leave and come back you will have "accidentally" acquired another Sims' item. You can click and choose to return it and your Sim will get a positive moodlet for awhile.
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