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How do you catch a bug or insect?

The kid wants to catch an insect. I can't figure out how to do it. Help?


bladexdsl answered:

Click on it and select collect
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liwolfbyte answered:

In the same way you would pick up a seed - find your bug (using the Collection Helper is a triple bonus and makes it easier) - as soon as you see the bug, pause the game and click on the bug and be able to collect it. If using the collection helper, it can be helpful to zoom in on the spot the device says there is a collectable, and wait a few seconds for the graphics of the bug to generate - once the graphic is present, pause and click. Eventually, you'll calibrate yourself to not needing the pause:) Hope this helps.
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aa9000 answered:

1.go to any park could see some butterflies. on them on Catch
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mandymoo89 answered:

first, get a bucket or one of those plastic box things with lids. i recomend the box. if you have the bucket, you need something to cover it, if you have the box, just poke holes in the lid. one you've done that,go outside. If you dont feel comfortable with picking up bugs with your hands, get tweezers or try to get the bug into the box or bucket. go outside, look under any rocks, pots, etc.
I usualy find bugs there, so, once you find a bug, you have to either pick it up or, trap it so it goes into the bucket or box thing. hope this edvice helped you.
i have no idea what the other people are talking about.
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