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Can you place empty lot spaces?

I want to know if you can place empty lot spaces of various size in edit town mode. I cant see an option to do so. You can only place houses on currently existing empty lots. Can you change the size of the current empty lots?

Accepted Answer

daconz31 answered:

You can place empty lots by clicking on the world editor button next to the bulldozer button in Edit Town mode.
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jaredt13 answered:

No, and no.
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BaleFire77 answered:

You can "place" an empty lot by bulldozing a house on a lot, but you cant make more lots than there are already there. and no, you cant change sizes :( sorry.

but if you want you could say... bulldoze the park (64x64 lot) in the center of sunset valley (or whatever its called) and change it from public to private, then you could buy and build your house in the center of town
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Magiskille answered:

Yes, you can... the lot need to fit the area though. Some can work, some don't, and YES there are different sizes (not alot) but they have different sizes.
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hungergamesfan answered:

Yes you can you go to world editor and there will be a tab for lots.
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