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Where can I find the moved out sims?

I have recently moved out a man who had grown up and wanted his own place, so i moved him out but I now can't find him. Is that character deleted or what? I put "move sim to random lot" but i can't find him!! Where has he gone?


koko_kitty answered:

Umm, I've never moved my sim to a random lot but, otherwise I think he would be in the neighborhood. Which you can access once you first start up the neighborhood.
Sims 3 navigation between sims in the bin and sims you are playing is kind of tedious and dumb.. :/
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fshdfgh answered:

If you know or have met a sim you can always see when they are at their house by going into map mode. Unfortunately, if they're not at home this doesn't help. But if you keep checking the map mode every once in a while you should eventually see them at whatever house they've been placed in.
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Littlekid285 answered:

Also you could invite them over then ask them 2 leave then watch their car and then you will no where they live.
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Itake answered:

On you computer or cell phone,press on it and click move.
You can also move your items.
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yi2712 answered:

Go to edit town mode, then click on the houses. You can get info on the inhabitants that way.
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haley1234 answered:

If you go into map mode, whether to edit the town or if you are in live mode still, it doesn't matter, you will see orange tags connecting to houses. If the Sim you're playing knows the Sim you moved to the random lot, you should be able to find him. If you hover over each orange tag for a few seconds, a surname will appear. Look for your Sim's last name, and then wait a few more seconds to see a kind-of like biography thing appear. If the Sim is the right one, great! If not, keep looking. Sims don't move out of the town, especially if you had them move into a lot, whether it be random or chosen. He could also (maybe... not likely) be in the library of Sims. This is a long process, but it works. The same thing happened to me before.

Hope this helps!
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Nicki0993 answered:

Hello, i have the same issues , my daughter just moved out. now i can not see her on my relationships stat, i play on XBOX360. not PC (Sadly) but i was wondering how to find her, she moved in with her BF. and so far i don't see her bf house or his last name?? =\
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