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Custom painting?

I remember in the sims 2 you could create still life paintings then edit them with your own pictures. I went to go do that but I can find where the snapshot is to edit it. Is this still possible or am i not looking hard enough?

inuyasha_omega provided additional details:

I am not asking how to do this but rather where the snapshot is saved to so that I may edit the snapshot.


Yoshermon answered:

I believe your sim has to have a certain level of painting skill, around level 5 or so. But yes, I have had my sims paint still life where you take a screenshot of anything and they paint it. I even had them paint themselves painting themselves!
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ema369 answered:

I would like to know this too. I had so much fun putting up custom paintings in the sims 2 and now i don't know how. yoshermon, can you help?
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